WFH — Lateral Movement

An emerging phenomenon is that some significant segment of the work force, having experienced pandemic driven work from home, is reluctant to return to working from an office downtown.

Companies are beginning to report lateral movement — workers going to work for another company in essentially the same job with similar compensation — at another company.

Whoa, Big Red Car, what?

That’s right, dear readers. Workers have become so enamored of WFH that they don’t want to return to status quo pre-pandemic meaning work from the office.

Companies recognize this and some employers are trying to spin hybrid models with some WFH and some work from the office.

Hybrid may not work. Many workers want WFH full time.

Why, Big Red Car?

Simple. Folks like:

 1. No commute — no cars, no gas, no subway, no buses, no walking, no weather considerations.

 2. Huge financial savings from no commute.

 3. Less stress from no commute.

 4. Huge time savings from no commute.

 5. A more relaxed work environment in their own home and the ability to dress down for the work day whilst being able to walk to the kitchen for a cuppa.

 6. Work from home means “eat from home” which compounds the cost savings.

 7. More complete integration of work — life demands and balance.


 8. If you have children, more kid friendly, no child care expenses.

The list goes on, but know it is lifestyle, money, and time — a huge benefit.

Who, Big Red Car?

The who is the slice of the work force below the C suite and the department manager level who do not get equity type comp such as stock options.

Good workers, but not crazed startup committed folks. This is a big slice of the American work force.

Bottom line it, Big Red Car

Once the folks have seen Paris, you can’t get them to come to work on the farm picking cotton, y’all.

People like work from home and will change jobs — lateral movements — to get what they want.

But, hey, what the Hell do I really know anyway? I’m just a Big Red Car.