Trump Romney — Best Friends Forever?

Big Red Car here, y’all. One of the most pathetic political displays in the history of the United States is available for your viewing pleasure — the juxtaposition of Mitt Romney’s comments when he sought the endorsement of Donald Trump in 2012 and today’s speech. The hypocrisy is incredible.

Trump Romney — best friends forever? You decide.

The GOPe has panicked and Mitt Romney has undertaken to bring their soiled linen to the public.

While Donald Trump must answer for his own life and performance, it is not Mitt Romney’s job to criticize the Republican front runner. Not if he is an adherent to the catechism of Ronald Reagan’s 11th Commandment.

This is perfidy at its ultimate.

Shame on you, Mitt. This makes me sick. Watch both videos and let me know what you think of Mitt Romney?



The ignobility of this display is sickening and the hypocrisy is breathtaking. To end with, “God bless you all” shows the nature of this man and I am, frankly, astounded. I had a high opinion of him and now I do not.

Let me be clear: Donald Trump will ultimately have to answer all of these charges when they are levelled by his opponent. (Presuming he is the Republican nominee, of course.) They are fair game but it is not Mitt Romney’s job to do the work of Hillary Clinton. Let Hillary do her own dirty work. She is plenty good at it.

It is made all the worse by the fact that Mitt Romney was the standard bearer of the Republican party and failed to win. He is a loser — simple rendition of the facts, nothing personal. Romney had his chance and he failed to win.

I am amazed. Trump Romney — best friends forever?

But, then, I’m just a Big Red Car and what the Hell do I really know anyway?

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  1. I wrote out a fairly detailed rebuttal to some of the early statements of Romney but am not posting it. Bottom line: At least most of at least Romney’s early statements were distortions or worse and not accurate.


    Romney is not thinking clearly, has taken in some bad influences, and is a faker and destructive.

    Romney appears to be a water boy and mouth piece for some losers in the GOPe, and it is shooting itself in the gut.

    I should make adjustments to raise the detection rates on my filters for BS, dirt bags, the weak minded, and spineless losers like Romney. Given human nature, the higher detection rate will likely not raise the false alarm rate much. Generic graph attached below.

    Trump is probably correct: Romney is a “stiff” and a “choker”.

    “Stiff”? His body language is that of a wooden statue. His face is a mask. So, due to the mask, can’t read his facial expressions, and that makes it easier for him to be deceptive.

    “Choker”? When he gets close to closing the deal, due to some psychological problems he backs off and ensures failure.

    Trump’s rebuttal looked good.

    Today Romney made Trump look better.

    Yup, the Internet is improving the quality of politics. E.g., now it is easy to read and/or see what some politician said some years ago and compare with what they said today whereas before politicians could assume that nearly none of the voters would remember much for more than 48 hours.

    Thank you founding fathers for our democracy and constitution. We need those, and clearly you knew that.

  2. Romney has just made Trump more interesting to me. The GOP may just need to suck it up and rather than ignore the people’s choice start sorting out the wake-up call it has received for future reference. The party’s lameness is being accentuated by its reactions. At this rate they will hand the election to Clinton as they handed it to Obama. People are sick and tired of the status quo on the political front. With their votes they are saying “We are mad as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore.”

    Donald Trump is far from being a perfect candidate, but he is a statement. The people are sending a message.

    • .
      Even if every word that Romney uttered is true, it is still neither his job nor particularly relevant to the issue at hand. I care less what this says about Trump and more about what it says about the supreme arrogance of the GOPe who is unwilling to let the people decide the election.

      The GOPe has had its thumb on the scale for a century and is angry that the people want to be involved.



      • Agreed. Trump ultimately is a hand grenade to frag the leadership who are the real failures. If you put all 12 candidates in a blender, you couldn’t pour out a good one. Winning matters more than leading to both NC’s.

  3. Yup, broader GOP cannon fire ought to be pointed at the enemy. Let the candidates that are running attack the candidate they want to attack. Gonna be a fun debate tonight. Mark my words, if Trump does well on March 15, and the S&P falls, the media will try to blame Trump.

  4. .
    Mitt Romney, in one of the most brazen displays of sheer perfidy denounces Donald Trump in a series of breathtaking utterances.

    The same Donald Trump whose endorsement he accepted and embraced in 2012.

    It is an incredible display of hypocrisy.

    I am going out on a limb here, Romney is not going to be Christmasing at Mar-a-Lago club. You think?

    Don’t get me wrong, Trump has to answer for Trump but Mitt crossed Ronald Reagan’s 11th Commandment line and he is a lesser man for it.

    Shame on you, Mitt Romney.


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