This Is Really The 21st Century, Right?

I wake up early every morning and check the news, particularly the war news out of Ukraine.

I catch myself wondering if this is really the 21st century when I see a nuclear nation, Russia, invading and slaughtering a neighbor on some tired bullshit mumbled by a mad man about Nazis.

Is this actually the bloody 21st century?

I cannot believe the world has not strangled Russia (Hell, and Putin) and cut them off from civilization.

Yes, heard about the sanctions regimen, but the US imported Russian oil until just recently and we still import every sheet of Baltic Birch plywood (from which cabinet boxes are made) we can get our hands on.

We take a hands off approach to Iran, North Korea, and China feeding the Russian war machine. Europe is just barely weaned from Russian energy.

Our Munich Moment

We are at our Munich Moment — the last moment before the wholesale slaughter of World War II when that weak, dupe, moron Neville Chamberlain returned in triumph from Munich and licking Hitler’s boots to announce he had secured “peace in our times.”

That worked out great, no?

In the 21st century, this mad man, Putin, has to be stopped. He has to be neutered, fileted, and skinned; and Russia has to be crushed. It is the challenge and imperative of our times.

To fail at this task is to shift the Russian appetite to its other peaceful neighbors and bring on World War III.

For goodness sake, believe the little runt when he says he wants to rebuild the Russian Empire in all its glory.

Hitler wrote Mein Kampf and told the world his entire game plan and nobody read it. This little devil has told us exactly what he intends to do — believe him!

How about Plan B, Big Red Car?

There is no turning back. There is no Plan B. There is the reality that all that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men and women to do nothing.

There is George Orwell’s admonition:

People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf. 

It has begun. The rough men are in charge.

There can be no rapprochement with a nation and a despot who every night kills babies, children, mothers, women, the elderly by sending missiles, rockets, bombs, and artillery indiscriminately into places where innocence lives.

No nation that seeks to leave another freezing in the frigid dark of winter can be welcomed back into the community of civilized nations. There will never be a peace ever again in which Russia pretends to be a civilized country.

Barbarity must be met with strength, resolve, and action.

So, what do we do, Big Red Car?

Ahhh, the big question. Yes, dear reader, what shall we do?

We support Ukraine with every weapon in our arsenal.

The US turns on the machines that earned us the title of The Arsenal of Democracy in World War II and we support Ukraine.

We make weapons and ammunition and send them to Ukraine — our best stuff because our best stuff will ensure fewer people die in the fight. Our best stuff in quantity gives the Ukrainians a fighting chance and, God damn it, they deserve a fighting chance. They did not start this fight.

We upgrade the economic isolation of the Russian economy — it’s 25% smaller than the GDP of Italy. We can smother them.

We gird our own loins — stand up another dozen Army divisions, four Marine divisions, fix every shortcoming in our Air Force and Navy. We need a few more rough men prepared to visit violence upon our enemies.

We are still the most peaceful people on earth, but we are the last best hope for mankind when it comes to fighting for peace. We are a nation born at the tip of a bloody bayonet and we do not abandon who we are.

We put the US on a warfighting posture because the path to peace goes through military strength.

You want peace, America? Prepare for war.

Every ounce of sweat in peace time preparation offsets a gallon of blood on the battlefield. It is a harsh calculus, but it is true.

Want to avoid World War III, America, make America the same nation that beat the Krauts and the Japs in World War II. Do that.

We rally the world and work on weekends to assist Ukraine.

To do otherwise is to tempt the same outcome as Munich.

Is this the 21st century or not? Does the world stand united against evil? 

This is a graded exercise and it has already started.