The Trumping of the Republican Establishment

Big Red Car here on a delightful Wednesday afternoon in the ATX. Just a tad warmer than 80F but a bit humid. Ahhh, it’s still very nice.

Not very nice? The Republican Establishment — those chaps who spend all their time fleecing widows, shanghaiing orphans, picking on the ethnicities, and berating the “special” folk.

They don’t like The Donald.

Who cares why? They just don’t like him. They DO like Jeb Bush but therein lies the problem; the electorate is already committed — at about the 90% rate — to “anybody but Bush.”

Here are some important data points:

1. The Donald’s juju/mojo is NOT fading and, even worse, he seems to be adding to his lead dangerously close to lapping the field.

Your Big Red Car is not proselytizing here, y’all — just watching the fish jumping. Do not shoot the messenger.

2. The entire country has turned against “professional” politicians. The combined vote of Trump, Dr Ben, and Carly is already over 50%.

It is not going to be a year for the pros. The electorate is angry and that anger has manifested itself by favoring “amateur” politicians.

3. The GOPe (Republican Establishment) has backed The Jebster short only of DNA supplements and blood transfusions and, yet, the boy gets no traction.

They have allowed The Donald to trump him by hanging a label on him which has begun to stick — weak, ineffective, low energy. Ho hum!

4. The Donald is leading so handily in New Hampshire and South Carolina as to allow him to look beyond the preliminaries and build his own Southern strategy bonfire.

The Donald is on fire. Ignore it, GOPe, at your own peril.

5. The GOPe’s mouthpieces have begun to say the unthinkable — “The freakin’ Donald COULD win the nomination.”

Take a deep breath and say it again.

The GOPe is admitting it could happen, followed quickly by plans to burn down the White House, if necessary, to keep him from ever living there.

They are flirting with putting Hillary — if she avoids real jail time — in the White House in spite of themselves. That won’t last but it makes interesting chatter right now.

It gets down to one thing, y’all — you Little People are not obeying any more. How dare you, you Little People! Remember who you are!

Sure, you took the 2014 election with pitchforks but the GOPe was expecting you to give it back to them for the 2016 election. You cheeky monkeys!

Some subtle points:

1. The Donald has gotten very good at campaigning. He doesn’t even have to remind y’all — “Hey, I’m rich.”

2. His kids are starting to look spectacular, spectacularly normal.

3. The attacks on him are small-minded, petty, and ineffective. Which only reinforces the criticism of the GOPe’s boys — small-minded, petty, and ineffective.

OK, that’s all for now. But start trying on the following: “President Trump” and “First Lady Melania”. See, your mouth and tongue did not break, did it?

And, here’s the bottom freakin’ line, y’all — after decades of professional politicians running the White House and the Congress how bad could The Donald screw it up?

But, hey, what the Hell do I really know anyway? I’m just a Big Red Car. Think about it. President Trump? Not saying it’s going to happen but the GOPe is no longer calling the shots. You freakin’ Little People are. Cheeky bastards!




2 thoughts on “The Trumping of the Republican Establishment

  1. Terrific! Beautiful! A total riot! Funny as hell!

    But, but, but, the GOPe keeps saying that The Donald (TD) is not a “true conservative”. Right. Neither is he a total idiot, nor a Bible thumper, nor a nasty CEO loser, nor someone who can’t plan a project, e.g., a campaign for POTUS.

    Bottom line: TD must really want to be POTUS to help the country because, as the terrific picture (will save that one) makes 110% clear, he has things to do much nicer than take spitballs from GOPe and various media pundit losers on the way to being POTUS!

    Finally we have a shot at getting someone who is not a total loser: IIRC, Bill sent UBL a little present, but Halfbright called her buddies in Pukistan letting them know what was coming and UBL got out JIT. Maybe the last thing W did before leaving the White House was crawl around once more on the floor of the Oval Office looking under the furniture for Saddam’s nukes. Then we got a POTUS dedicated to not enforcing our immigration and many other laws.

    This can’t be real, has to be a horror movie.

    Maybe the voters will adopt some new standards for whom to elect to public office, e.g., a candidate needs some demonstrated competence. Big change.

  2. .
    The Donald is slowly becoming a real thang, y’all.

    Say it — you want to say it, don’t you.

    President Trump
    First Lady Melania

    See, your tongue and mouth still work, don’t they. No lightning.

    The GOPe hates you and The Donald in equal measure but the GOPe is no longer in charge, are they? You freakin’ Little People are and you’re pissed off at professional politicians.


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