Serious Leadership, Real Entitlement Reform

Big Red Car here.  Raining in Austin and I don’t like that because I feel like a New Years Day run out to and through the Hill Country is something I need.  Something I want.

Something I am entitled to.  Speaking of entitlements, I heard The Boss pontificating on entitlements recently and here is what he had to say.

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The Fiscal Cliff

Big Red Car here.

So yesterday, I am over at Green Mesquite Barbecue at the corner of Lamar Boulevard and Barton Springs Road and a cute little Mercedes convertible howdies me and asks:  “Hey, Big Red Car, do you know where I can find the Fiscal Cliff?”

So I’m thinking — is that a new restaurant or a bar?  So I ask her:  “What is the Fiscal Cliff?”

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