Stopping To Find The Joy In The Storm

I recently had a Chairwoman of the Board client, one of my favorite clients (equally brilliant husband is a former client), cancel a meeting. She is a delight to work with so I miss it when she cancels.

Her reason was that it had snowed in Madrid and she had small children who needed to build a snowman as it did not ever snow in Madrid.

Actual Madrid snowman

[It ended up snowing more than three feet in Madrid, so if she hadn’t chosen that early moment to build a snowman, it would not have happened. As in life, timing is everything.]

When she told me why, I smiled. Reflexively. I could not help smiling.

I call this action: Stopping To Find The Joy In The Storm. 

If you are a CEO (or a normal person), I recommend that whenever you catch this world doing something good that you stop and enjoy it; or, actually multiply it or create it.

I challenge all of y’all to find one thing in the next week that makes you smile and stop to enjoy it.

If you do, put it in a comment below.

We have no shortage of storm, but we have a joy shortage.

God bless America. God bless the whole world. God bless Big Red Cars and those who speak to or for them. We all need it.