Remember that 3:00 AM phone call?

Big Red Car here.  So I am waiting for the sun to come out again.  Waiting for that sunny day.

It got me thinking about all kinds of dark subjects.  Like the debate on who should be taking the 3:00 AM phone call in the White House.

Remember that  one?  Back during the Democratic Presidential primary in 2008, Hillary Clinton asking you who you want to answering the phone come that 3:00 AM phone call?

 Well it really happened.  Just like everyone feared.  The phone rang and nothing happened.

In a place faraway — a dangerous faraway place — our Ambassador to Lybia was under attack which ultimately cost him his life at the hands of terrorists.  Not movie critics as initially thought.  No, terrorists.

The phone call came in and the President, having spoken to the Secretary of Defense and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, was asleep and did not get woken because he was headed to Las Vegas to campaign early, early in the morning.

Hillary Clinton — she didn’t even know where the phone was located.  And, well, what difference does it make now anyway?

1.  The President slept through it.

2.  The Secretary of State didn’t care about it.

3.  The Secretary of Defense wasn’t sure what was happening.

4.  The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs didn’t do anything.

And the next Sunday — with four dead Americans — the White House trotted Ambassador Susan Rice of the United Nations out to explain it all.  She had nothing to do with embassies, intelligence or the military.  She was apparently the only stooge in town willing to undertake the assignment.

Pissed off movie critics.  Yep, pissed off movie critics with a mortar, rocket propelled grenades and crew served automatic weapons.

So, America, who do you want answering that 3:00 AM phone call?  Hell, anybody!

Diana Ross

But, then, what the Hell do I know anyway?  I”m just a Big Red Car.



2 thoughts on “Remember that 3:00 AM phone call?

  1. Better yet, I wish our people with eyes on the ground had the resources and authority to take care of business without screwing around with a political chain of command.

    • .
      In times of crisis, when lives are in the balance, you improvise and drive on and try to save the lives.

      When there is chaos, you send in the Rangers to sort it out.

      You don’t stand still, you move toward the sound of the gunfire. You move toward the trouble. You kill anyone who gets in the way.


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