Iterative Improvement, the march from lazy through mediocre to EXCELLENCE

Big Red Car here.  Wet day today, no running time which makes me feel listless and like a mediocre convertible — not the excellent, authentic All American car I am capable of being.  Need a bath and a shine.

Which gets me to thinking about iterative improvement and the path to excellence.

Nobody ever gets to excellence in one leap.  You get there by a series of iterative changes.

Do not despair even when you may go backwards once or twice.

Just keep plugging away and working toward a new level of heightened performance.

The relentless pursuit of EXCELLENCE — one iteration at a time.

But, hey, what the Hell do I know anyway?  I’m just a Big Red Car.

Be kind to yourself in your relentless pursuit of excellence.  You WILL get there.  Just keep plugging away.


2 thoughts on “Iterative Improvement, the march from lazy through mediocre to EXCELLENCE

  1. Thanks for these business posts. I left corporate america to help a friend start a company, and these posts have become invaluable. The “Checklist Manifesto” saved my sanity since I was the person who had to go from being an analyst/ bs artist to an operator who made sure the trains ran on time. Your advice was extremely helpful to making the transition.


    • .
      Brian —

      Glad I could help. The skill set to run a small business in which you are everything is both exciting and daunting. That is all I have done for the last 30 years and I have a huge library of exemplars.

      The Checklist Manifest — which appeals to me in particular because I am a pilot and thus intimately familiar with running checklists under pressure — is revealed truth. I frankly believe that the ability to reduce businesses to process charts and checklists is the first step in transforming old economy companies to new economy companies.

      I think this is where a lot of money is going to be made in the future and right now.

      Let me know if I can help on a one on one basis. I have quite a few clients on which was founded by my friend, Andy Swan. I can be reached there at

      Give it a whirl and I will be glad to help. I obviously am not doing it to make a bunch of money but the website keeps my efforts very well organized.


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