Permitless Concealed Handgun Carry Legislation

Big Red Car here. Another great day in the ATX. Do yourself a favor and just move here — we both know you want to.

So forget about The Boss, he’s busy thinking about the Final Four semifinals tonight. Screw him.

I want to talk to you today about the curious phenomenon of permitless concealed handgun carry. This is not a diatribe in either support or defense. Make up your own mind.

Four states allow permitless concealed handgun carry — Kansas, Wyoming, Alaska, Arizona. Not the whole country but an interesting start. Remember, the Big Red Car is not suggesting it is good or bad. Just reporting the phenomenon.

Permitless concealed handgun carry means just what it says — a citizen having lawfully purchased a handgun can carry it on his person concealed. Most states currently forbid this. The four states above have specifically empowered their citizens — again, lawful gun owners only — to carry their handguns in a concealed manner without a special permit.

These states still have concealed handgun permits which would allow a holder of such a permit to enjoy reciprocity in other states which is getting close to the being the entire United States. There are a few states that do no offer reciprocity.

Here is the curious fact which caught my Big Red Car eye:

1. Murder is down 8% in Wyoming since the advent of permitless concealed handgun carry.

2. Murder has gone down by 16% in Arizona.

3. In Alaska, murder is down 23%.

Kansas just passed the law this week, so no stats yet.

What strikes me as interesting is that murder rates went DOWN in every instance.

I am a skeptic when it comes to people reporting the average rate of anything. People cook the books. I took a look at Wyoming murder rates — about 25-30 per year — and was not really impressed as to how significant the trend really was but then I returned to the overall trend being overwhelmingly positive.

Just an interesting real world insight into what at times can be shouting match. Who knows? Permitless concealed handgun carry? Hmmm.

But, hey, what the Hell do I really know anyway? I’m just a Big Red Car but I’m packing heat, y’all. Do not screw with me.

One thought on “Permitless Concealed Handgun Carry Legislation

  1. I would love to see the statistics if the law abiding citizens of California could pack heat. The change of scenery would eliminate a lot of BS, I suspect. But what the hell do I know? Thanks as always, BRC.

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