Grayson Allen, Duke Basketball

Allen, Grayson Allen, is a Duke University basketball player who has tripped three opposing basketball players in calendar year 2016 during two different seasons. Each such event was blatant, captured on video, and deliberate.

Allen is, also, one of the best basketball players in the country privileged to play on one of the best basketball teams at one of America’s elite universities. The coach of Duke, Mike Krzyzewski, is one of the best coaches in the game and an all-around good guy.

[Please note that the Big Red Car’s favorite team is the University of North Carolina Tar Heels, so praising Coack K is a hard pull. But, it is all true. Great team, great school, great coach, great player.]

So, what, Big Red Car?

The actions taken by Grayson Allen have been dangerous and could have resulted in serious injury to the victims.

Tripping an opponent is bush league and unworthy of such a talented player. They tell one that he is a jerk.



Here’s the latest infraction. Bush league.


Coach K has suspended Grayson Allen indefinitely. The right move and a classy move.

Duke basketball is bigger than this punk even though he is a pre-season All America. And, hey, the Big Red Car is rooting for the guy to get his head out of his fourth point of contact (paratrooper humor).

Well played, Duke. Well played, Coach K.

Still, go Heels!

But, hey, what the Hell do I really know anyway? I’m just a Big Red Car. Merry Christmas to all of y’all. You deserve it. Happy Holidays. Happy New Year.cropped-LTFD-illust_300.png


8 thoughts on “Grayson Allen, Duke Basketball

  1. It is interesting what the human mind visualizes and what happens in reality.

    I had to look him up and saw he got a nice elbow or knee to the face. Never been a big fan of the coach but I am now. I’m pretty sure the guys in the NBA will “get him.”

    Merry Christmas BRC, may Duke never win!

  2. You are a better man than me in saying that you hope he get’s his head out of his rear. I’m guessing that by age 20 the die has been cast – he has done this for a long period of time and done well in his career. I can excuse someone for a temporary lapse of reason – heat of the moment – but his reaction afterward showed his true colors. He genuinely believed he was the one being wronged.

    • .
      Fair play to you, Dan. Your point is right.

      By 20, one should have a pretty good idea of right v wrong. What really irritates me is that he is a “tripper” when he gets schooled or in retaliation for an opponent making a good play on him.

      Merry Christmas to you and yours and here’s hoping you own 2017 — someone has to.


  3. Merry Christmas to all!

    As I keep a CD turning with Christmas music, once again my favorite is the R. Tebaldi “O Divine Redeemer” on a CD MET Stars at Christmas, MET 203CD. Second place, Tebaldi again, same CD, and “Mille Cherubini in caro“.

    So, it’s Christmas and, thus, for now no more Richard Strauss Ein Heldenleben with the good guy beating up on all the bad guys and winning the girl!

    • .
      Apparently, while he’s been caught three times, he’s considered a very dirty player. I hate a dirty player, particularly when they are so talented they don’t need to play dirty.

      Tripping someone is also so dangerous. He could have gotten someone very seriously hurt.

      Of course, Duke has a bunch of freshmen who have been injured who are getting ready to return to the game roster. Still, Grayson is a lot of their point production and he’s a junior.

      I doubt he gets away with that stuff in the NBA.

      I applaud Coach K.

      Merry Christmas, I don’t think you’re getting coal but then maybe it’s nice to get coal in Chicago. Only 65F here today.


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