Hero — What Does a Hero Look Like? DAVID BAILEY HERO


David Bailey dop


This is what a hero looks like, if your definition of a hero is someone willing to risk their neck to save someone else’s butt. The Big Red Car is fine with that definition. The Big Red Car has had the privilege of knowing a lot of brave people.

The guy on the crutches is one of two persons who shot it out with the shithead with the rifle at baseball practice in Virginia. Looks ordinary enough that you would not take note at a car wash? When the chips are down, it is guys like this who protect us.

Don’t forget what this guy looks like cause if you get in a tight situation, it will be a guy like this — not the ACLU — who will come save you.

But, hey, what the Hell do I really know anyway? I’m just a Big Red Car.

His name you ask? His name is DAVID BAILEY and when it came time to save lives, he stepped up and killed the shithead. He did his job and his job is a tough job. Absent his doing his job, there would have been a lot more casualties.



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  1. Acknowledging highly trained and skilled hero cops is not part of the narrative. That’s what my autonomous sources tell me.

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