Happy Valentines Day, Stormy Daniels

Stormy Daniels? You know who she is, right?

Howdy, y’all, Stormy here. Happy Valentines Day, Donald Baby. Ooops. Sorry.

Big Red Car here on a gray, foggy day with gray, foggy thoughts. Please forgive me.

The Saga of Stormy Daniels and The Donald

Miss Stormy Daniels (Baton Rouge, Louisiana native, Southern lady) is a woman who makes her living meeting the demand from men for visual entertainment of a racy nature. She is a porn star.

She met Donald J Trump in Reno, Nevada at a golf tournament in 2006. [Every golf tournament has porn stars, right?]

She suggests they — Stormy and The Donald — had sex (which she graded as “textbook generic” but “not bad either”) and that, thereafter, they stayed in contact.

During this period of subsequent contact, Trump is alleged to have suggested she become a contestant on his reality show “You’re Fired!” It never happened. Things died a natural death when she stopped taking calls from unmarked numbers.

The timing was right after Melania, Donald J Trump’s wife, had given birth to Barron Trump, their son.

Senator Stormy Daniels

Stormy is not a one dimensional artiste businesswoman. She also put her toe in the water in 2016 to consider running for Senate in Louisiana against Senator David Vitter (R-La) who got snared in the DC Madam shenanigans. His name turned up in the Madam’s rolodex. [Haha, rolodex, really Big Red? Rolodex?]

In 2015, Vitter ran for Governor in Louisiana (while still holding his Senate seat, huh?), but was trounced.

He subsequently decided not to stand for re-election as a Senator. Some say that he was scared off by Stormy Daniels, but who really knows?

Miss Daniels, ultimately, decided not to pursue her virginal political foray.

The NDA – Nondisclosure Agreement

Donald J Trump’s attorney, Michael Cohen, was reported to have gotten her signature on an NDA in return for the payment of $130,000. The NDA was an agreement which bound her not to say a word about her encounter, if any, with Donald J Trump. [Stormy, girl, only $130,000? You need better representation. They would have paid you way more than that. Come on, girl.]

This happened in the 2016 time frame and was, obviously, intended to prevent Miss Daniels from reflecting poorly upon Trump’s presidential campaign — an affair with a porn star falls in the center of “reflecting poorly.” Trust me on this one.

She denied in writing several times that they had had an affair. She also gave an interview in which she said she did have an affair with The Donbad. This was in the 2011 time frame (before the NDA was executed, folks — keep an eye on the dates here).

Cohen has now come clean — in the face of a Federal Election Commission complaint as to the use of campaign funds — that he did, indeed, pay Miss Daniels $130,000. It is not hard to divine why, is it?

He says that he paid it with his own money and did not seek or receive repayment from either Trump, individually, or the Trump for President campaign.

“Just because something isn’t true doesn’t mean that it can’t cause you harm or damage,” Cohen said. “I will always protect Mr. Trump.” This utterance seems to suggest that the claim by Miss Daniels of a sexual encounter with Donald J Trump may not be true, but Mikie made the payment just for housekeeping purposes.

Ahhh, the Big Red Car, has to stop for a second as the laughter is choking him. Oh my, oh my! I can hardly breathe! Haha. OK, sorry.

WTF, Big Red Car?

So, there you have it, dear reader. We have Michael Cohen — philanthropist, lawyer, counselor, mordida-ist — who formed an anonymous Delaware LLC to make the $130,000 payment, but who paid it with his own funds.

Rings true to you, no?

The allegation of Miss Stormy Daniels receiving $130,000 seems to be true. The NDA is real. People don’t sign NDAs without receiving something in return, no?

The impending FEC investigation is likely the reason this has come out and the reason why Michael Cohen has told the tale he has told. Big problem if campaign funds were used.

How does it make you FEEL, Big Red Car?

Ahh, the Big Red Car has always been a “Trump Policy” trumps “Bad Donald Trump and his behavior” guy. I love the Trump Cabinet picks, tax cut, trade, SCOTUS pick, immigration stance. I like the guy’s policies. Dig the Trump Economy.

Something has snapped in the Big Red Car’s head. Porn stars? Absurd lies? The Big Lie of Michael Cohen having made the payment with his own funds cause he’s, he’s, he’s ………. just that kind of guy.

The timing — a couple of months after Barron’s birth.

Donald having a great wife in Melania. <<< I think Melania should get a three year coupon book of 632 face slaps. She should slap the spit right out of Donald’s mouth 632 times.

Donald, where are you? I want to slap the spit out of you, you bastard. Come here and take it like a man, cowboy. Happy Valentines Day, darling.


I still think that Donald J Trump is the chemotherapy the Nation needs. I said that way back in mid-2016.

Chemotherapy Party Candidate? Trump?

I still think that the Swamp is real. I am not quite as enthusiastic as I once was. Maybe it fades, who knows? Maybe it becomes more virulent? Who knows? I still like his policies. Is this the price I must pay for good policy?

Donald, you got me at the porn star, pal.

But, hey, what the Hell do I really know anyway? I’m just a Big Red Car. Happy Valentines Day to all (including you, Stormy Daniels, and you, President Trump).






8 thoughts on “Happy Valentines Day, Stormy Daniels

  1. Good stuff:

    Donald J. Trump

    Feb 15

    The Schumer-Rounds-Collins immigration bill would be a total catastrophe. @DHSgov says it would be “the end of immigration enforcement in America.” It creates a giant amnesty (including for dangerous criminals), doesn’t build the wall, expands chain migration, keeps the visa…

    …lottery, continues deadly catch-and-release, and bars enforcement even for FUTURE illegal immigrants. Voting for this amendment would be a vote AGAINST law enforcement, and a vote FOR open borders. If Dems are actually serious about DACA, they should support the Grassley bill!

    So, in September and October, Trump may be mentioning


    Maybe from that bill those three can get some $, but they won’t get many votes.

    Trump is in line to add lots of Members of Congress to the Trump Train.

    For his speech and activities on the Florida school shooting


    we’ll need to open up some space on Mount Rushmore.

  2. As at


    from Florida Governor Scott:

    “The FBI’s failure to take action against this killer is unacceptable. The FBI has admitted that they were contacted last month by a person who called to inform them of Cruz’s ‘desire to kill people,’ and ‘the potential of him conducting a school shooting.’

    We constantly promote ‘see something, say something,’ and a courageous person did just that to the FBI. And the FBI failed to act. ‘See something, say something’ is an incredibly important tool and people must have confidence in the follow through from law enforcement. The FBI director needs to resign.

    Seventeen innocent people are dead and acknowledging a mistake isn’t going to cut it. An apology will never bring these 17 Floridians back to life or comfort the families who are in pain. The families will spend a lifetime wondering how this could happen, and an apology will never give them the answers they desperately need.”

    “The families will spend a lifetime wondering …”

    Yup, I assure you they will. Not everyone knows that. I don’t know how Governor Scott knows that, but he’s right.

    Now we see some more of the really serious problems of grotesque incompetence, e.g., going for eight years with an Obozo in the White House setting up massive corruption at the top of the Executive Branch including the DOJ, FBI, and CIA.

    That’s some of why we should really appreciate having Trump.

  3. Trump has always been an asshole, has shown himself to be a neo-fascist and has appointed criminals to every position in the government.

    Lots of his friends are quitting this year before they feel the heat from the people who prosecute bad guys.

    Many women have made similar complaints against Mr Trump. You know they’re true.

    So, your defense of Trump, no matter how tepid, is just wrong.

  4. No way do I believe that DJT cheated with a porn star. Why would he? (1) Since she was a porn star, she could easily go public without embarrassment, shame, moral considerations, or harm to her personal life. Indeed, going public would be good publicity for her business. (2) The upside for DJT was trivial, not worth even walking across the street. (3) His marriage was having their first child, and NO WAY would he want to risk ruining that situation. The harm would be on DJT, the rest of his family, his wife, her family, and their child. All for two minutes of friction and a case of an STD, e.g., genital herpes. (4) If the porn star got pregnant, then there would be DNA evidence and a paternity suit proving DJT’s guilt. If she got pregnant by someone else, she could still file a paternity suit against DJT until DNA evidence showed DJT was not the father.

    DJT is a bright guy who does a lot of thinking, and it’s between his ears, not below his belt.

    I doubt that there is any good evidence that DJT was ever within 10 feet of her.

    People are throwing lots of unfounded accusations against Trump, one more each few days. They get forgotten in a few days, and then there are some more. They throw anything, any dirt they can make up, and then organize an MSM gang up and pile on for the dirt throwing. Lies? Of course it’s lies. None of it has any significant truth, and nearly all of it is just made up lies out of nothing.

    Clearly there are a lot of really strong interests with big bucks driving the non-stop nonsense attacks on Trump. Well, there is also accumulating some good evidence where the big bucks are coming from. From a Breitbart article and its links yesterday, the US Chamber of Commerce has been named as against Trump. There have also been claims that the Business Round Table is one of the interests.

    And what is the issue? From business, money: They want a new version of slave labor. There can be big bucks in slave labor. We fought a bloody war to stop slave labor. Well, a lot of people believe they can make big bucks bringing back slave labor. And some liberals believe that they can get the slaves voting and voting for the liberals.

    Wars over slave labor can be ugly, and we are starting to see some of how ugly.

    For all the anti-Trump stuff, so far the worst about Trump that has been found is something about two scoops of ice cream. So, the attacks on Trump have in effect given Trump very clean bill of health.

    To Trump’s credit, he has remained strong and a good leader with good policies.

    Likely even more important, Trump has his eyes on November. I believe that he will go campaigning again and, again, find his audience, a very receptive audience, fully grateful for the promises Trump has kept so far, fully understanding that Trump needs some more members of the Trump Train in Congress, and a very LARGE audience.

    I suspect that Trump, AG Sessions, and some Members of Congress are timing some of their best news, something like a climax in story telling or music, on DOJ, FBI, State Department, CIA, Hillary and staff, and Obama and staff dirt to be most effective during September and October.

    Net, the anti-Trump people are firing the best they have which are just blanks. Trump is not letting the blanks hurt his work. Trump is accumulating a nice list of accomplishment and a coal train full of dirt on the Democrats and in September and October can talk up the accomplishments and the remaining campaign promises and dump out the dirt for all to see.

    For immigration, the illegals are, in a word, illegal. They are in violation of existing and long standing law. They can be deported, with or without a wall and without new laws. And with DHS and ICE, Trump is doing just that. The slavers and the Democrats who like the illegals so much will be seeing the illegals leaving the country. Then the slavers and Dems can come crawling to Trump ready to deal.

    Trump has the executive power to DO things and the voters. Chucky and Nancy, McCain and Flake, are comparatively very short on both power to DO things and voters.

    The slavers and Dems are making the best case they can; that the case is so awful shows that they are losers about to lose again this November.

    The depth of the shit that was going on back to W and much worst with O is astounding. A LOT of people were getting really fat off the corruption and very much do NOT want to go back to reality. E.g., there is a claim that some of the anti-Trump stuff is from the US intelligence community who are afraid that Trump will expose that they have been doing lots of highly illegal stuff going way back; well, they will want to push back. No doubt McConnell and Schumer know well the size of the big bucks that have been arriving for campaign contributions, PACs, etc. from the slavers and don’t want to give up that money. Same for Ryan and Pelosi.

    But the Trump voters have some solid money reasons of their own to be loyal to Trump, and in that case just some campaign ads, etc. from the slaver big bucks won’t change the loyal votes.

    Trump was and is right: He found some voters and appealed to them. Then they vote, and Trump wins. For all the stuff from Mika and Joe, on late night comedy acts, Nancy, Chucky. Paul, and Mitch, dollars, PACs, etc., it’s the VOTES that really count, and Trump got those and stands to get some more in November.

    So, there are lots of shit bombs being launched and landing on the White House, but Trump just lets the rain wash off the shit and stays on track to win. Again, the slavers, Nancy, and Chucky don’t have anything stronger than blanks and shit and are going to lose again.

    One final point: The claims are that the RNC is awash in cash, and the DNC is flat broke. So apparently the money from the slavers is going mostly to the RNC. So, the DNC and the Dems are in line to lose again. Nancy and Chucky are all for the Dreamers, but apparently Dreamers dream and don’t send $ to the DNC. Okay by me!

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