Chemotherapy Party Candidate? Trump

Chemotherapy? Really, Big Red Car? Ugh!

Big Red Car here on a glorious, sunny, Monday morning on the eve of the Republican convention in Cleveland.

Today, we talk about a framework within which to evaluate how Donald Trump might be viewed as it relates to the upcoming Presidential election. Today, the Republican convention starts, so we are trying to get you armed, intellectually, before the talking heads issue you your opinion.

Simple premise: Donald J Trump is the medicine, the chemotherapy, the nation needs to solve some big problems which, if left unattended much longer, will kill us.

That’s it. Now, you can go on with your lives. See you later, alligator.

Come on, y’all, you knew there was more than that.


Chemo is nothing to joke about and if you are undergoing chemo or about to undergo chemo, prayers to and for you. Bear with the analogy, ham handed as it is.

Chemo is based on the notion that toxic chemicals, freely introduced into one’s body, will kill the cancer before they kill the patient.

It is neither a complex nor uplifting theory. It does, however, work.

Donald Trump’s ideas

D Trump has provided a great service to our nation. [And, yes, he was a Viet Nam Era draft dodger. He had bone spurs on those dainty little feet of his. Awwww.] He has surfaced a great multitude of things that are broken, need fixing, and we have either been ignoring or making worse.

He is the messenger and we, often, like to kill the messenger because the messenger brings to us things we would rather not deal with.

In his case, there is also a legitimate argument as to style and couth. Couth is a good thing. The absence of couth is a bad thing.

What things, Big Red Car?

Glad you asked, my friend. Chief amongst them are:

A dangerously broken legal and illegal immigration system which deposits criminals on our street corners to prey upon our citizens who have declared them sanctuaries for such abusive behavior. [Hey, the Big Red Car lives in Texas and this is a huge problem. I can take you to the corners in San Antone, Corpus Christi, El Paso where the buses disembark. Read a newspaper of surf the Internet, these guys are killing us. Literally.]

A toxic foreign policy which seems to be adding fuel to every smoldering fire anywhere in the world. Fuel, not being enough, we fan the flames with feckless leadership.

The inability to form words sufficient to speak with intelligence about Radical Islamic Terrorism. Our inability to speak of it accurately prevents our ability to deal with it. Speeches are not effective strategy.

The failure to embrace America’s God given duty to lead the world back into the light and to vanquish those who live in darkness.

The complete collapse of comity in our society coupled with the outbreak of a race war. [I actually thought Barack Obama would crush it on this subject. First black President? Smooth as silk? Half black and half white? The guy should have solved this one, right? No, he’s marched us backwards at least a quarter century. We’re now fighting in the streets and killing cops. When you have a burglary who are you going to call? Black Lives Matter or the cops? Sorely disappointed on this score. I was rooting for the guy.]

A complete failure to manage the financial affairs of the nation as if the presence of a checkbook is the only requisite to spend money, gobs of money with no restraint.

The wholesale exporting of American jobs and entering into trade pacts which even the Democrat candidate — formerly a champion of such agreements — has now abandoned.

A society which is morphing into a “beggars take all, give me some more free shit” dependency scheme in which the makers are funding the takers while the takers are complaining, from their couches, the makers are not equalizing their outcomes. [Look up the stats on welfare, food stamps, disability, the labor force participation rate. Not on a full stomach, please.]

A general realization that the system is rigged and the American people are on the wrong side of the halyards.

Now, if none of this stuff bothers you, salut! The next one’s on me. If they do, then let’s consider the chemotherapy approach, no?

But, Big Red Car, he’s such a jerk

Now, dear reader, let’s not quibble about things.

There is some evidence — OK, ample evidence if you insist — that Donald escaped charm school before finishing the entire course and there are some inexcusable breaches of good manners that Sister Mary (always a tough grader) would find fault with and there is a base level of bluster which can be offputting — but that is the nature of chemo.

It is not pleasant to defeat cancer and we are being confronted with defeating the cancer of our current leadership in this election. So, you will have to hold your nose as you pull the digital lever. Then, you can go have a lobster roll or a cheeseburger. Your choice.

Lobster roll II

“Look into my eyes,” said the lobster roll in a seductive and sensual voice with a Maine accent.

Even Hillary Clinton is running against Barack Obama. I often wonder why she is such an important “element of change” when she had her hands on the steering wheel for many of these monumental cockups. Don’t get me started about Libya. But, really, didn’t she have a seat at the table? I may be wrong on this one but I think she was a Senator and the Secretary of State.

I could be wrong. I was once back in 1967 and I’m still haunted by it.

Choices are binary

One may choose to fight cancer or one may succumb. It is not a pretty choice but it is a choice.

In much the same way, Presidential elections are binary. You may vote for Donald J Trump (chemo party) or you may vote for a hopelessly dishonest liar whose conduct personally and professionally is that of a grifter. Don’t get me wrong — she and Bill are not just grifters, they are GRIFTERS.

My favorite recent bit of trivia is the administrative drag on the Clinton Foundation — 78%. That means 78% of all funds “donated” find themselves into accounts labelled “administration” and “travel expenses” and other lifestyle supporting or henchperson paying accounts.

So, taken as a whole, we can either endure a bit of chemo and fix some of this stuff or we can have a repeat of Obama I/II.

Me, I want the needle. Give me the Trump chemo injection and give it to me now.

Hope this helps. You now have a way to rationalize your vote, “Sweetheart, I’m going to vote for the chemotherapy party candidate. The cancer is just too pervasive.”

But, hey, what the Hell do I really know anyway? I’m just a Big Red Car. Shit, my hair is falling out but, not to worry, it will grow back when America is great again.cropped-LTFD-illust_300.png



10 thoughts on “Chemotherapy Party Candidate? Trump

  1. Agreed on a number of points that need fixing in this country. And agreed that HRC is a professional politician and the opposite of what America was built on; the citizen legislator.

    But the Donald’s personality traits make him better to serve in our Legislatures than in an Executive role. Let him spar with other legislators and help re-write our laws. His bombastic personality would likely power over the many meek legislators we currently have and his voice would be strong. He would accomplish much in the House or Senate.

    I fear his personality traits, which have been on public display for decades, would not serve America well on the foreign front in an Executive role. As much as I agree with his take on Radical Islam Terrorism (and I agree with TMOTBRC’s prescribed policy to decimate ISIS and all Darkness harshly and decisively)……I think Trump would get played by Putin, Li Kequiang (China), and other global leaders.

    ** I do not plan to vote for Trump, but am undecided as to vote for HRC or the Libertarian party’s ticket of Johnson & Weld.**

    • .
      Your comment is well written and presented save for the fact you present no evidence. That does not mean it is not correct. It simply means it is not persuasive. Perhaps, you do not intend to persuade.

      There is ample evidence DJT is a leader who can get things done that others cannot.

      I offer as evidence:

      I am a little biased, having been a builder of high rise buildings and a business founder many times, I think he exhibits the classic organizational skills of a leader — the ability to take a group to a place they would not get absent his leadership.

      The Russians and the Chinese are acting out in the face of weak American non-leadership. It is difficult to see how Trump would not be a better foil.

      The Russians have seized a country, attacked another, and are threatening Europe — this is in the 2000s.

      China has built a system of island based aircraft carriers astride the shipping lanes which carry almost half of all shipping and can reach the Phillipines (our island based aircraft carrier).

      This while the US has made a complete cockup of the Middle East — Sec of State HRC’s calling card and another disqualifying aspect of her record.

      The US is getting dangerously weak with a military which is approaching pre-WWII size — Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines. Say what you will but at some time you have to be concerned about our actual fighting capabilities rather than whether transgender soldiers will be accommodated.

      As to HRC, I cannot even draw half a breath before rejecting a person so completely devoid of integrity and honor. She has removed herself from serious consideration by her own actions. She is a grifter and a liar but she comes by it honestly having been married to the exemplar of that species for a long time.

      I characterize Trump as “chemotherapy” because there will be some discomfort associated with his Presidency but more than half of leadership, effective leadership, is identifying the right problems upon which to work. He has done that as proved by the throaty roar of all involved.

      As to his potential, recall only that he vanquished 16 other candidates many with worthy pedigrees and decades of service.

      Vote for the person who will be best for the country. It is a damn good country and we are on the wrong track right now.


  2. I’m typing this while listening to the Republican Convention, REALLY enjoyed, just TERRIFIC, the speech of Melania Trump — a First Lady to be really proud of, and now am listening to Senator Joni Ernst (Iowa).

    She just explained that ISIS has stated that they have their soldiers among the Syrian refugees the US is admitting and that the US FBI claims that of the 50 states there are ISIS soldiers in, and the number is, drum roll, please, 50.

    Right, Trojan Horse. Or, a threat to us from the dark — guns, trucks, IEDs, car bombs, hijacked airplanes, …, nukes and other WMDs.

    Or, it’s clear enough: As we attack and defeat ISIS, here at home the FBI will be very, very busy rounding up the ISIS soldiers in the US before they attack us. That is, in this case, the “cancer” is an active enemy that will fight back against the chemo.

    Okay, under these circumstances, admitting the Syrian refugees with ISIS soldiers is “giving aid and comfort to the enemy”. That’s called treason and is impeachable. How about getting it done by Friday, this week?

      • .
        Even in this Trump shows genius. Could anything have possibly drawn more attention to this speech?

        To how beautiful Melania looked?

        She makes a favorable comparison with the Wookie, no? Sorry, that was mean.

        It is scary if Trump is really this cunning.

        Legal immigration is a beautiful thing.


        • Indeed. This is the first time I thought to myself, ” Oh right he is a genius, damn.” To use one of the Clintons speech writers and overlay it against an Obama speech, especially an Obama speech, is genius. The speech when I read both* sounded child-like, 3rd Grade Chicken Nuggets and Hot Dogs. This to me exposes the genius, his hot wife softens this entire absurdity he is making them all look stupid. Even Kasich’s skin is crawling, “Courage is Contagious.” I wonder what the hell he had to tell Nixion so badly?

          • .
            I thought her speech was the capstone of an otherwise mediocre night (maybe except for Guliani, who gave the crowd red meat).

            All of the anchors were drooling over her beauty. It was like a high school basketball locker room. What they all wanted to say was, “Wow, Trump is sleeping with her? OMG!”

            The big thing — she’s the real deal. Came across as genuine, smart, and sweet.

            I don’t think he’s that cunning but if he is — WOW!

            This kind of thing makes the GOPe look foolish and silly. They have not just refused to sit on the bench, they’ve turned their uniforms. I’m looking forward to sending a check to every one of their opponents starting with Paul Ryan.

            Kasich, both a liar and an idiot, thinks he can help Portman get re-elected and not work the top of the ticket? Who does he think is coming out to vote for the down ballot races? People who aren’t interested in the top of the ticket?

            Men who committed to things and signed their names, need to man the fuck up.


  3. Comity or Comedy?

    I choose, to choose both, it is my thought that The Donald was cradled under the breast of a gun-carriage. We have now become a humorless society, and in some ways a spiritual-less society as well. I have thought for a while now that our British counterparts no longer exist, at least in our brains in some sense, they do politics better than us. We have no sensibility whatsoever. Only if Marjorie Merriweather Post knew how kids were eating cereal these days…..The spoon moves to the face not the other way around, but who cares about class these days? How Un-American of me. Our future is based upon the change in perception of what humor is and by definition of what is, is I mean being funny not some asshole way of being funny. So here are some highlights of how it is done. Oh, and perhaps there is a Texas way of doing this or New York way of doing this, but yeah we Americans are assholes.

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