Exemplars – Corporate Governance

Big Red Car here safely returned from travels back to the ATX, ahhh, on Earth as it is in Texas! Warm old Texas!

So, the Big Red Car gets a call from a young fledgling company CEO (a compilation of three such calls with the names changed to protect the innocent) who says, “Big Red Car, do you have a good exemplar for a corporate Code of Conduct, a Board Charter, an Audit Committee Charter, a Nominating Committee Charter, and a Compensation Committee Charter?”

“Yes, I do, young fledgling company CEO, but do you know how to Google?” asked your Big Red Car.

“Of course, Big Red Car, my first child is named Google. Why?”

“So, Google and find some good exemplars. I suspect you don’t want to pay your lawyer to draft them for you. Correct?”

“Yes, Big Red Car. I need some corporate governance docs and I don’t want to pay a lawyer to draft them for me. I admit it.”

“Are you intending to just copy from an exemplar?”

“Why, no, Big Red Car, but I would like to see what other companies are using. Is that a crime?”

No, it is not. So, the Big Red Car sends the CEO to the corporate governance page of Dollar General: Corporate Governance.

Dollar General Exemplars

You do know that the Big Red Car is quite high on Dollar General. We discussed them here: Dollar General, a Love Affair!

Dollar General, A Love Affair

Here are exemplars of the Dollar General

  1. Dollar_Governance_Principles_2016-08-24_final_
  2. Dollar_2018_Code_of_Ethics_Final_
  3. Dollar Charter–Audit_Committee_12-2-15_
  4. Dollar Charter–Nominating_Governance_Committee_August_2017_
  5. DG_Charter–Compensation_Committee_04-01-13_final_

I did not re-title these docs because I wanted you to see them as they appeared on the Dollar General corporate governance page.

Now, I am not suggesting that you copy these docs and use them, but I am suggesting that the Internet and Google provides a fertile, target rich environment in which to see what a well drafted exemplar looks like before investing your money to have one made.

That is the power of the Internet and Google and being clever.

But, hey, what the Hell do I really know anyway? I’m just a Big Red Car. Be good to yourself.