Declassify Everything, End It Now

Declassify what, Big Red Car?

Big Red Car here on a sultry Texas Sunday. Ahh, on Earth as it is in Texas, y’all.

I am tired of the continuing saga of the FBI, the DOJ, the Trump admin, the Congress, and the Mueller investigation.

There is a way to end all of the pissing and moaning “most rickety tick” (this is an Army saying meaning right way.)

Everybody in Washington, DC knows it, but only the President can make it happen.

The solution is very simple – DECLASSIFY AND RELEASE EVERYTHING.

That is where we are now.

Declassify? Why, Big Red Car?

What has brought me to this conclusion is watching the pathetic Strzok Congressional hearings last week. They were a circus.

First, FBI Agent Peter Strzok is an arrogant ass which showed up clearly in his testimony.

Sure, I wrote those texts to my adulterous lover. Sure they indicate bias, but there is no evidence that my work was impacted by my bias. Haha, I love that. You love it? Don’t you smelly deplorables get it? I’m smarter that you. I can smell you coming a mile away.

My favorite revelation was his admission that the metadata from the Comey document on HRC’s emails accurately indicated that his computer was the source of the change from “gross negligence” to “extremely careless” which he acknowledged was suggested by FBI lawyers to ensure that HRC’s actions stopped short of the exact language in the Espionage Statute which would have indicated a felony had been committed.

He admitted the change was made. He admitted the metadata pegged it as being made on his computer. He recalled it was suggested by an FBI lawyer for the specific objective of skirting the statute.

He indicated he did not “recall making it.”

We are now in the Alice in Wonderland segment of the investigation, but there is a solution.

Declassify and release everything pertinent to the investigation

There are four specific bodies of documents whose release will clear things up. To be released, they will have to be declassified. President Trump has that authority.

 1. FISA electronic surveillance applications.

An American citizen (Carter Page) can be electronically surveilled if authorized by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978 (Ted Kennedy sponsor) and as modified subsequently. To do so, the applicant (the DOJ or the FBI or both working in conjunction) must make application to a designated secret court that there is “probable cause” to believe that the target is a foreign agent or working in support of the interests of a foreign country. This is no low hurdle, brother.

The application must provide sufficient evidence of this probable cause to obtain the approval of the judge. Obviously, this is an uncontested action as the target of the surveillance is not a party to the application and cannot object or refute any evidence.

In this instance, the target was Carter Page, a low level, faux adviser to the fledgling Trump campaign. This was undertaken long before Trump had obtained the Republican nomination. Think about that for a second.

What is unanswered currently is what was the evidence which substantiated the finding of “probable cause”. Obviously, everybody thinks it was the Russian Dicey Dossier. If so, then the application was dependent upon the oppo research of one candidate against another opponent. There is the weak support that there was allegedly a footnote which mentioned the info was sourced from the DNC and the HRC campaign – your Big Red Car simply doesn’t believe this.

The second implication is that the granting of this application subsumes a right of “two hops” meaning the investigators can go after the target and the next two levels of contact – via cell phone, email, text messages. [They can go after you, your mother, and her bridge club. Sheesh!]

There is the caveat, which seems to have been wholly ignored, that the locus of surveillance has to be somewhere that the target (foreign agent) will be engaged in their nefarious work. [The bridge club?] This means you can’t just make two hops for the sake of enlarging the investigation, but it has to be pertinent to the underlying investigation.

In addition to the original application, there were three extensions. To obtain an extension, the applicant must swear or affirm that the prior surveillance was fruitful – meaning there was useful “take.” This is a huge bone of contention.

All of this can be cleared up by declassifying (redactions are fine) the FISA electronic surveillance applications and all supporting materials.

 2. FBI Woods file.

The FBI cannot just staple the Russian Dicey Dossier to the FISA electronic surveillance application and call it a day. They are required to build and maintain a file called a “Woods Procedures File” which demonstrates how they vetted and verified every bit of data incorporated in or attached to the FISA electronic surveillance application. If they cannot vet or verify it, they can’t use it.

This file either does or does not exist. It is going to be a very dicey problem if the FISA electronic surveillance application used the Russian Dicey Dossier and the Woods Procedures file is empty on the issue of its verification. Particularly when former Director Comey has said and repeated the Dicey Dossier was “salacious and unverified.”

It is an altogether different problem if the renewals were not based on useful take.

“Lucy, we got a problem here.” This problem can be cleared up by declassifying the FBI Woods Procedures file.

 3. FBI Form 302.

The FBI Agent who interviews anybody is required to fill out an FBI Form 302 to document the conversation. These are currently classified.

One of the big sticking points is how exactly did the FBI first obtain the Dicey Dossier? One school of thought has a DOJ Associate Deputy AG Bruce Ohr, the DOJ’s primary point of contact with Michael Steele, the author of the Dicey Dossier, as a direct conduit to the FBI.

The FBI interviewed Ohr twelve times. Why? BTW, Ohr’s wife worked for Fusion GPS who paid Steel for the preparation of the Dicey Dossier.

Ohr was subsequently demoted – twice – by the DOJ for his involvement in this matter. Why?

It would be useful to know exactly what role Ohr and his wife played, particularly as it relates to how the FBI came into possession of the Dicey Dossier and as of what specific date. The FBI says nothing was going on before 31 July 2016 while it appears that Ohr, his wife, Fusion GPS all had the Dicey Dossier in some form of distribution long before that date.

All of this could be cleared up by declassifying the FBI Form 302s.

 4. The FBI Form 1023.

An FBI Form 1023 is the equivalent of an FBI Form 302 except it is pertinent to counterintelligence. It would be used to document every contact with anyone in regard to a counterintel investigation – people like the Australian diplomat who had a drink with George the Pop, the supposed FBI undercover guy who struck up a convo with Trump campaign folks long before 31 July 2016, the CEO/founder of Fusion GPS – just a slew of interesting folks.

The declassification of these docs would shed light on and clear up any confusion as to when the investigation was really initiated, who was involved, and what roles they played.

Why not, Big Red Car?

Of course, the objections to this are multiple:

 1. Declassifying these documents may reveal means and methods of intel gathering.

 2. Declassifying these documents may reveal humint sources.

 3. Declassifying these documents may compromise some unstated element of the Mueller investigation.

The Big Red Car calls baloney on all of these things. There are simply guard rails which must be erected and respected.

Bottom line it, Big Red Car

The bottom line, dear reader, is this:

 1. If the “take” on Carter Page was sufficient to obtain the original FISA warrant and three renewals, why is he walking around like a free man? In the entire campaign, this low level wannabee was the linchpin to the Russian collusion? No kidding?

 2. There hasn’t been a single bit of evidence promulgated other than the Dicey Dossier. In two years, not a single thing of any portent has emerged which bears on Trump Campaign – Russian collusion.

 3. Every time the DOJ/FBI has declassified or produced a document, prior objections or redactions professing a national security objection have been false. What has been revealed is that the DOJ/FBI has not been telling the truth and what was revealed was embarrassing proof of that fact.

It is time to skin it back and let it stink, y’all.

But, hey, what the Hell do I really know anyway? I’m just a Big Red Car.