Cut The Crap — Fentanyl And The Southern Border

I have been totally mystified as to what the end game is on the Southern Border — why? What is going on on the border? I live in Texas and it is a disaster.

It is not, however, solely about a broken, nonsensical, sophomoric immigration policy — we are on track to admit more ILLEGAL immigrants than LEGAL immigrants which seems sort of dumb — it is also about drugs, in particular FENTANYL.

Fentanyl (developed in 1960 as a legitimate drug as a painkiller and as a surgery anesthetic because it did not make patients nauseous) is a hyper-dangerous synthetic opioid that is 100 X more powerful than morphine and 50X more powerful than heroin which is damn strong.   

Here are some concerning facts:

 1. In 2013, the US seized two pounds of fentanyl at the southern border — 2 lbs. By 2015, we had a problem on our hands. Big time.

 2. Last fiscal year, 2020, the US seized 4,510 pounds of fentanyl at the southern border and some in the mail.

 3. This year, FY 2021 through 11 months, the US has seized 9,978 pounds of fentanyl at the southern border.

Here is the money line: Fentanyl can produce 500,000 overdoses per every kilogram (2.2 lbs) — it so deadly because it can be cut with filler so dramatically.

Put another way, the US seized how many overdoses — how many potential lost lives — at the southern border in the last eleven months?

Do the math: (9,978 lbs of fentanyl / 2.2 lbs in a kg) X (500,000 overdoses/kg)

2,267,727,273 potential deaths

How much fentanyl got through?

Where does it come from, Big Red Car?

China. Almost every bit of pure fentanyl is made in China, sold to Mexican cartels, cut by the cartels, and brought into the United States via the southern border.

Why buy land to grow opium poppies, hire laborers to farm, farm the poppies, spend months and months to grow, take risks with pests, water supply, transportation, refine the finished product — when you can make fentanyl in a Chinese lab and ship it in a pure form to Mexico where the cartels will cut and distribute it?


Mexican drug cartels

Broken southern border

Break one link in that chain above and the problem goes away. It was exacerbated by the Biden Open Border. Can’t anybody see that?

What are the economics of fentanyl, Big Red Car?

It costs approximately $3,500 to buy a kilogram of pure Chinese fentanyl.

It costs approximately $400,000 to buy a “cut” kilogram of fentanyl near the border in the United States. The further you go from the border, the higher the price.

Cut fentanyl, in the United States, is sold in glassine packages as a powder or in tablet form.

A kilogram of cut fentanyl can be made into 1,000,000 individual pills that sell for $10-20/pill on American street corners. That makes a $400,000 kilo of cut fentanyl worth $10-20,000,000 on the street.

Do you understand why it is so lucrative and why the business is so committed to making and distributing it?

Why hasn’t anybody done something about this, Big Red Car?

They did. Back in the Trump admin, the POTUS and the Chinese President for Life Xi made a deal to make fentanyl production in China illegal — which it technically is (wink, wink), but it was China and it was a Chinese “promise.” [See Hong Kong, Taiwan, South China Sea, Uyghers, North Korea — Chinese promises all.]

We were making some progress when the border wall was cutting and channelizing the flow of illegals and drugs, when the “remain in Mexico” policy was allowing the Border Patrol to actually patrol the border and interdict the drug smugglers — we had the lowest ILLEGAL immigration levels in 20 + years. Today, we have the highest ILLEGAL immigration levels in 20 years.

Then, Joe Biden got elected, the border was opened by his Executive Order, the “remain in Mexico” policy was rescinded, and the border began to hemorrhage people and drugs.

The border fight is really not between the United States and ILLEGAL immigrants; it is between the United States and the Mexican drug cartels and China.

 1. The Chinese are not ever going to cut down on fentanyl production because they are our enemy.

 2. The cartels are not going to reduce ILLEGAL immigration as they are the coyotes who transport the immigrants for $4-10,000 per head.

 3. The cartels are not going to cut down on drug importation — fentanyl — because it is lucrative AF.

Bottom line it, Big Red Car, you’re depressing me

We are at war on the border with China and the Mexican cartels. The instruments of war are ILLEGAL immigrants transported by the cartels and fentanyl which is killing our people.

We are currently losing that war because of the specific policies of the Biden administration.

The top line, the one that is spiking, is fentanyl deaths, but know this, drug distributors are cutting every drug they can with fentanyl, so you really don’t know exactly what drugs are in any illegal drug. The drug dealer is selling the “high” and he doesn’t care if you die from it.

Wake up, America, and let’s close the southern border before it kills more people. It just makes common sense, doesn’t it?

This guy right here, President for Life Xi, promised to halt fentanyl production in China.