America’s Pathetic Poison Ivy League Colleges

America’s prestigious Ivy League schools — Brown University, Columbia University, Cornell University, Dartmouth College, Harvard University, the University of Pennsylvania, Princeton University, Yale University — have lost their luster amidst a woke leftward lurch that has built for decades.

The chickens have now come home to¬† roost, America. Isn’t that the truth, Harvard?

Two moronic Ivy League women presidents — both fired thereafter — were unable to opine in front of the US Congress that calling for the death of all Jews and the destruction of Israel would violate their schools’ codes of conduct.

We are not exactly running the high hurdles here, you bloody morons.

The campus riots at the Poison Ivy’s in support of Hamas — a murderous bunch of barbaric, medieval savages and kidnappers who killed and kidnapped babies, mothers, women, elderly, and civilians in the largest anti-Semitic hate crime since the Holocaust — are despicable and an offense against humanity, our great country and these once proud and worthy institutions.

The Hamas riots have effectively shut down Columbia University which — a month short of graduation — has succumbed to Hamas supporters and made all classes virtual. What cowardly administration retreats in front of such an assault on our and their values? Cowards!

The Federal government should terminate all Federal aid to schools that host, champion, and support Hamas rioters.

The level of anti-Semitism — hatred of Jews — is a stain on the American tradition of fairness and equality and is cesspool behavior.

Schools that allow Hamas supporters to so threaten Jewish students that they are afraid to attend classes because of legitimate fears for their personal physical safety should have their leadership replaced. The first duty of any institution of higher learning is the safety of its student body.

The Ivy’s should return the tuition of all Jewish students posthaste.

Shame on you, Poison Ivy League Colleges. You were once the best of America; now, you are the worst.