Are we really a nation of laws?

Big Red Car here.  Day has turned out OK after all.  Bit of top down weather.  Going to be 77F today.

The Boss got to pontificating about the upcoming immigration battle.  Thinks it is a losing hand for the country and the Republicans.

There is some incredible irony at work when we are looking to pass laws to benefit a group of folks who are, well…………………………….lawless or otherwise avoiding or violating the existing laws.

Our institutions are dependent upon voluntary adherence to the law

Our institutions — social security, the social safety net writ large, immigration itself, paying taxes — depend almost exclusively upon folks voluntarily following the rules, respecting the laws of our Nation.

This entire immigration debate is about dealing with a bunch of folks who are already lawbreakers but with the silly notion that NOW they will suddenly become adherents to the laws of our Nation if only we will let their past violations not be held against them.

There is no wisdom in the second kick of a mule

We have seen this all before when in 1987, Ronald Reagan championed a general amnesty that did not result in any appreciable benefit for the Republicans.

Oh, right, I forgot to state the obvious.  Nobody is so stupid to think that immigration is really about immigration.  It is all about co-opting a voting block.

There is a huge precedent that suggests it is not good politics for the Republicans.

There is also substantial evidence that last time around we admitted a bunch of folks who were a drag on employment, the social safety net and society in general.

Irony, you merciless bitch

There is a great irony here.  Guys like Caesar Chavez, he of famed unionized grape picker fame, saw the problem clearly from a labor perspective.

These illegal aliens were going to destabilize the fledgling migrant worker program.  The LEGAL migrant worker program.

Caesar Chavez was against unfettered amnesty.

The Central Intelligence Agency and the quality of intelligence

There is a parallel analogy.  The CIA is dependent upon folks whose basic value is that they have betrayed THEIR countries in the course of giving the US needed intelligence.

How good can information be when it comes with a side order of treason?

Not too damn good.

Be careful what we wish for in this instance.  Because we may just get it.

But, hey, what the Hell do I know anyway?  I’m just a Big Red Car.  Imported into Texas from Detroit, mind you.

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  1. Here in Utah, we are dealing with the illegal immigrant problem in the schools by making them “dual immersion”. Half the day in English, half the day in Spanish. Needless to say, my kids go to private school and i live in the best school district in the state, by far. Whatever happened to learning the language of your adopted country?

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