Feedback, the Breakfast of Champions

Big Red Car here. Starting to work on finding an ark contractor with all the rain in the ATX — could just be me cause we need the rain, I guess.

So yesterday, The Boss shares some thoughts on how CEOs should protect their flanks (jobs really) and The Boss gets a couple of emails from some venture capital friends of his. [Yeah, I know, makes me a bit uneasy myself and I'm just a Big Red Car.] Continue reading


CEOs — Protecting Your Flanks

Big Red Car here. So The Boss is back from the beach and is back to work full time. No more fun raising hell with the housesitter. Do NOT tell The Boss.

So The Boss is working with a couple of CEOs in regard to their position with their companies. They get into an interesting discussion about what a CEO should do and how she should do it to protect her flanks in her position as CEO. Continue reading


ISIS — Junior Varsity?

Big Red Car here in the ATX. The Boss is in Memphis for a wedding after a week in Miramar and headed to Hilton Head for a few weeks. Sigh, just me and the house sitter?

Haha, house sitter is a very, very bad boy. But I won’t tell. He better get all the bottles and cans cleaned up. Continue reading


Obvious Questions — What Are You Going To Do With The Money?

Big Red Car here. Nice cool, cloudy morning here in the ATX, also know as God’s Country. [But that irritates people, Big Red Car. Sorry.]

So when you’re making your pitch one question you know you are going to get is — “What are you going to do with the money?” Obvious questions, y’all. Be ready for them.

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