Books On Tape and Road Trips

Big Red Car here.  Well, The Boss is up skiing again.  He is so easy.  The guys in Steamboat call and say “Hey, the snow is good.  You ought to come up and slide down the mountains with us.”

And that is all it takes for The Boss to take a road trip to the ‘Boat.  Finally the damn season will end in a week or so.  Two months skiing this year?  Really, Boss?

The Big Red Car is particularly vexed because this is prime convertible time.  Hey, Boss, let’s pay some damn attention to the Big Red Car.  Haha, it’s hard out there for a Big Red Car! Continue reading


Dangerous Inflection Points, the Turn to Final

Big Red Car here.  Bit cloudy and cool here this morning in the ATX, still Spring is in the air.  It is currently 72F and it will be 87F before the day is through.

So The Boss gets talking with a couple of venture capitalists and the conversation drifts toward “inflection points” or pivots and how to deal with them. Continue reading


Big Red Car Scores Exclusive Interview With President Barack Obama

Big Red Car here.  Wow, turns out the President is a regular reader of The Musings of the Big Red Car.

I asked him if he had a minute and we had a nice chat.  He’s not as tall in person as I thought but he was very gracious.  After the interview, we took a tour through Austin and stopped for some Q.  He said he had no money and I had to spring for the Q.  He said it was a new “tax”?

Anyway, here it is — the Big Red Car’s interview with President Obama. Continue reading


March Madness – Oh Happy Day!

Big Red Car here.  Who cares about the freakin’ weather in Austin, Texas?  It’s March Madness, we care about the strength of our cable signal almost more than life itself.

The Boss got the Grande Communications 1 gig service recently.  The cable signal is strong.  It is fast.  Life is good.

Ladies, we spoke of the protocols of March Madness here — MARCH MADNESS For Women Only.  Go read it.  Make your man happy.  Please.  This will pay huge dividends in the future. Continue reading