Women and Their Work

Big Red Car here.  As I am sure you now, I am a “masculine” Big Red Car.  I have a big powerful engine and I am all male.

That does not prevent me from considering the plight of women and their work.Many learned voices are contributing to the discussion particularly in the high tech and startup world.  There is no shortage of voices, believe me.

I like to listen to, as an example, The Gotham Gal.  She writes with great authority from personal work experience and with her keen insights as an accomplished angel investor and venture capitalist.  She might fancy herself an angel investor but she has such a disciplined and orderly approach she is really a full blooded venture capitalist.

Recently she wrote about this subject on her blog.  Read it if you get a chance.

This got me to thinking about the progress of women in other workplaces, not just the high tech or startup or entrepreneurial work places.

In particular, having been on the Virginia Military Institute Foundation Board when women were first admitted to VMI, I have been impressed with women aviators in the US Army.  I am particularly interested in their role as combat aviators.

Here is a great bit of gun camera video in which a woman combat aviator, pilot of a deadly Apache, is killing Taliban outside a base in Afghanistan.   Watch it and see and appreciate her coolness under fire, her deadly contribution and the way she is a seamless part of that fire support team.  Wow!

Woman Apache pilot killing Taliban in Afghanistan

It is all here.  That’s a hyperlink, ya’ll.  Click on it.

This woman is not rubbing up against any glass ceiling as she is “manning up” her duties.  Can you imagine how valuable she will be one day should she decide to leave the military and go into business?

I celebrate her deadly contribution.  She is a stone cold killer. Women and their work!

But, hey, what do I really know anyway?  I’m just a Big Red Car.  Be kind to yourselves and don’t mess around with any woman Apache pilots.



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      You have nothing to fear.

      If we engage in the kind of wars we have recently, women will be taken prisoner and they will be abused in horrific manners.

      We are fighting people who behead prisoners. A bit of abuse may seem tame in the greater scheme of things.

      War is ugly.


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