Who are the Syrian rebels?

Big Red Car here.  The Boss got a few emails from folks discussing yesterday’s post in regard to the situation in Syria.  The conflict in Syria.

One writer asked:  “Who are those Syrian rebels we are arming?”

Let me tell you who they are NOT

First, let me tell you who they are not.

The Syrian rebels are not folks interested in establishing a Jeffersonian American style democracy.

This is NOT the Damascus Chamber of Commerce.  These guys are terrorists in their day jobs.

WTF, Big Red Car, who are they then?

The Syrian rebels are Islamists, Al Qaeda affiliates, terrorists, folks who want to establish an Islamic nation under Shariah law.

They are not only not friends of the United States, they are absolutely enemies of the United States.

We managed to put the freakin’ Muslim Brotherhood in charge in Egypt in a similarly misguided effort.

Syria is a real problem

Syria is already a blood bath with almost 100,000 Syrians dead at the hands of Assad, the reigning shithead, and the rebels.

Syria is a Russian vassal state.  The last such Russian client state in the region.  The Russians are looking for a reason to screw with President Obama who they consider to be a weak leader.  The Russians are still pissed off that Henry Kissinger pried Egypt out of their hands in the 1970s.

Syria is an ally of Iran and Iran has committed to sending troops to aid Assad.  If you think Syria is trouble — Iran is the shits.

Syria is an exporter of state sponsored terror.  They are bastards and killers.  Just like Iran.

Syria has deployed chemical weapons against their own people.  Civilians.

Almost 1,000,000 Syrians have fled with the majority of them going to Jordan which only has 6,000,000  people itself.

America is going to provide lethal support to the rebels

The President has announced that the United States will provide arms, ammunition and military support to the Syrian rebels — yep, those shitheads who are Islamists, terrorists, Al Qaeda and Shariah law supporters.  Those rebels.

Providing lethal support is tantamount to a declaration of war.  A declaration of war.

This is not good policy and is it particularly bad policy given that there has been no national debate on the subject.

We already have boots on the ground in Jordan.  We are partially pregnant.  [WTF, Big Red Car, can you actually be partially pregnant?]

This feels to the Big Red Car like the day after the Tonkin Gulf Resolution — a long stretch of hard road before our Nation.

Let’s stop this stupidity.

But, hey, what the Hell do I know anyway?  I’m just a Big Red Car.