USAA — A Terrific Insurance Company

Big Red Car here.  Oh, it is sunny and clear in the ATX.  Cold, don’t you know?  Get out and exercise off some of that turkey, please.  Burp!  [OMG, Big Red Car, did you get into the 10W40 again?]

So The Boss was talking to a fellow Veteran about the USAA — United Services Automobile Association — a freakin’ insurance company, ya’ll.

USAA — best of breed

Oh, Old Sport, not just any insurance company — THE BEST INSURANCE COMPANY IN AMERICA!

Bit of history — formed by Army officers all those many years ago — in 1922 — because they could not get auto insurance.  By 1928, USAA insured over 8,000 of the total of 38,000 Army officers.  Wow!

By the mid 1930’s, 60% of all eligible officers are members — oh, did I forget to tell you that USAA is a “mutual” owned by its members since the beginning.  The members get the profits not shareholders or management.

USAA grows into an insurance power house with billions of dollars of assets and expands its insurance programs while moving into banking, investment management and buying services.  Hell, they even offer health insurance now.

Read all about USAA’s history here.  It is worth a read.

USAA never lost its way and never forgot that it was formed to provide “Service to the Services.”  It has stay true to that mission ever since 1922.

A steady rock in time of need

What really got The Boss’s attention was the commitment by USAA to provide financial support to its members when the recent silliness about the budget shutdown threatened the sanctity of the military’s paychecks.

USAA did not hesitate and immediately offered to provide interest free loans to its members whose paychecks got stuck in President Obama’s desk drawer.  If the Obama administration failed to pay the soldiers, USAA members were going to get paid — no interest charged.

Is this a great company or what?

This company was formed by soldiers to take care of soldiers and grew into a powerhouse that has provided support to all branches of the military and their families.

Responsive to its owners and customers

To state the obvious — USAA is responsive to its owners and customers and provides not what the USAA management thinks is good for them but what they actually need.  It has stayed true to its mission of being a “Service to the Services”.

So, if you can get under the tent, go do business with USAA in San Antonio, Texas — AMERICA’S BEST INSURANCE COMPANY.

The Boss has been doing business with them since he was a military cadet for over 40 years and can attest personally to their efficiency, responsiveness and sense of honor.  Damn good on you, USAA.  Keep serving those who ensure our freedoms.

But, hey, what the Hell do I really know anyway?  I’m just a Big Red Car — and who do you think insures me?  Haha.  Be good to yourself, you deserve it.