Exhausted By the Lies Yet?

OK, so the Big Red Car has been watching the administration navigate through the shoals of Fast & Furious, the IRS, Benghazi, Obamacare for some considerable time now and is just exhausted by all the damn lying but this one takes the damn cake.


At the root of every Obama administration scandal is blatant lying.  Either lying at the onset or lying in the explanation of what went wrong.

The Big Red Car is just exhausted by all the lying.  Out of gas — and that is NOT a good thing for a Big Red Car, trust me on this one.

Lying Lawyers

So the IRS Chief Counsel — a political appointee, supposedly one of only two in the entire IRS — is asked questions by a Congressional committee and simply answers that he “does not recall” over 80 times.  WTF, Big Red Car, how can that be?

OK, the Big Red Car gets that this guy is a political appointee, a meaningful Democrat donor and once upon a time represented Reverend Jeremiah Wright.  So, he’s a Democratic operative, right?  The Big Red Car gets that.

Read about it here.

But, he’s a damn lawyer and lawyers go to meetings and take notes and prepare summaries of meetings and other documents to provide a written record.  What kind of lawyer does not take notes of meetings?

Just to be fair and complete, this guy — William Wilkins, Esq — does not object on the basis of attorney-client privilege because that is a stretch given the circumstances.  He simply says he does not recall.  Over 80 times!

A reasonable standard of care

If YOU had been to meeting at the White House would it be reasonable not to take notes, not to recall anything?  Give me a break.

If an air conditioning guy comes to your house, you take notes as to what he says and what he’s going to do and what he’s going to charge you, right?

[A/C guys are on the Big Red Car’s brain because unit no 3 is getting replaced next week.  Sorry.  WTF, Big Red Car, everything is not about you.]

If an attorney representing you — read YOU are PAYING this guy $500/hour, Old Sport — went to a meeting with the IRS, would you accept the notion that your $500/hour legal brain did NOT take notes and could not report to you what was discussed?  Really?

The outrageousness of the lies

The sheer magnitude of the Obama administration lies — Fast & Furious, Benghazi, the IRS, Obamacare — is exhausting in their breadth and depth.  They are big, bold and brash lies.  They are Goebbels style lies — so big as to literally create an eclipse of the truth.  Like a solar eclipse, Old Sport.

As the Big Red Car says:  “Uhhh, you actually believed the story about the well armed movie critics at Benghazi?  That’s your fault, Old Sport, cause anybody could tell that was a lie.”

Alternatively:  “You didn’t actually believe the keep your insurance plan, keep your doctor, $2,500 premium reduction, reduce the deficit stuff, did you, Grasshopper?  Come on, you knew those were just, just, just — LIES, right?”

And so it goes.

The Big Red Car has a new standard to detect lies — someone in the administration’s lips are moving.  Nothing else is required.  All lies.  All the time.


But, hey, what the Hell do I really know anyway?  I’m just a Big Red Car.


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  1. Just got my letter from Humana for next years healthcare. I can stay with my current plan and premium for 1 more year or switch to the new ACA option for 2014 at a 104% increase in premium. Same deductibles, same co-pay, etc. Gee, what would you do?

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