The State of Our Union — Sigh! SOTU!

Big Red Car here. Hey, on Earth as it is in Texas, y’all.

Celebrate with me? Last State of the Union speech by President Barack H. Obama — that’s not something to celebrate?

OK, kind of mean. Sorry.

So what is the State of Our Union? SOTU?

I feel compelled to comment on the President’s speech only because it IS a milestone — his last such speech.

President Obama can give a damn good speech. He usually has thought provoking content and as a craftsman throwing words at you, he is the best.

That speech?

I remember not a single word this morning. It was all a faux victory lap around a world afire and it was all the kind of nonsense that never, ever turns into action. But then that is what we’ve come to expect, no?

I am fond of saying that the world is filled with a lot of bullshitters and very few actual “doers.”

The President is the top bullshitter. Sorry. He is NOT a doer.

[Pro tip: Don’t start a speech demonizing anyone you intend to ask to cooperate with you at the end of your speech. Small thing but big thing, no?]

The Big Red Car is left to wonder — What freakin’ country was he talking about? Cause it wasn’t ours.

So, what’s next?

We have one more Presidential NCAA March Madness pick extravaganza and then we are really done with “that guy.” Hot dog!

But, hey, what the Hell do I really know anyway? I’m just a Big Red Car. Bullshitter, extraordinaire!

5 thoughts on “The State of Our Union — Sigh! SOTU!

  1. He is NOT a doer.

    One of his main goals has been to “fundamentally transform” the US, and he has done a lot in that direction.

    I just wrote out a list of 22 things he has done, all harmful, and was adding more and, then, decided to stop and delete the list.

    Net, he’s done a lot — of damage.

    Thanks to our Founding Fathers and their three branches of government with its checks and balances, the damage is less than it might have been.

    For a much better view of what he has done, I will let others have their say in 2017. I expect that some well informed people will write some tell-all books that will shock the US and forever change a lot in US politics. Then we will never again elect or appoint anyone at all like Obama to high office. Ever.

    After the tell-all books have been written and studied, Obama will be seen is a unique and hugely harmful, dangerous mistake in US history, and that history will be taught that way, even as early as middle school. We will have learned that lesson, “paid full tuition”.

    Our standards for election or appointment to high office will restore and greatly enhance the criteria outside of politics of proven leadership ability, proven intellectual ability, proven excellent judgment in ill-defined situations, proven patriotic credentials, proven dedication to the best for the US, and proven high personal integrity, e.g., Ike.

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