The Republicans Did NOT Win the Election

Big Red Car here. Rained all night in the ATX but not as bad a night as it was for the Democrats who spent the night peeing on their own legs. Ouch!

The Republicans did not really win, the Democrats — especially President Obama — lost. The fury of the American voter was unleashed and, apparently, the American voter is very angry. This is why we have elections.

America rose up last night — well the less than 40% who bothered to vote — and let the Democrats and the President know that their lies, failed policies, incompetence and arrogance were not going to be tolerated. The rats jumped ship abandoning the failed Obama presidency like the rats they truly are but then why was that a surprise? The President said his policies were on the ballot even if he personally was not.

Bad move, Mr. President. Very bad move. Very bad, stupid move. You put a bullseye on every Democrat candidate. I thought you were a smart guy? Can I get a look at those college transcripts because you didn’t act very smart, Mr. President.

The American people are just tired of being lied to and sent the liars packing.

Republicans, please be smart enough to realize you got elected Prom Queen because the other bitch got arrested. It wasn’t you, it was her. You were second choice of everyone.


The Republicans gained control of the Senate to an extent not anticipated. They would have been happy with a squeaker but they had a tsunami. Had they thrown a bit more money at Virginia, they would have taken Virginia also. The Republicans will also get Alaska eventually and Louisiana.

Now that Santa has delivered the Senate to the Republicans, what will they do with it?

Hopefully, they will put some legislation on the President’s desk which will impact the economy, national security, energy and immigration. While there will be a lot of whining that the Republicans don’t possess a knock out punch by being veto proof, there will be a lot of Democrats who will be looking to save their skins come 2016 and no Democrat is going to move in lockstep with the emasculated President from here on out.

Lame duck? Dead duck? The President’s a fucked duck. [Can I say that? asks the Big Red Car. Yes you can, Big Red Car, but only today.]

Republicans, do not screw this up.


The Republicans picked up ten seats, not quite enough to be able to tell the Tea Party to take a hike but a very nice working majority. Holding serve and picking up ten makes the Republicans happy.

The House Republicans have been turning out the legislation but have been unable to get a hearing in the Senate due to Harry Reid — that problem is now fixed.


How pissed off was the electorate? They elected a Republican Governor in Maryland which is a bedroom community of Washington, DC and which has had that nutty Martin O’Malley as Governor. This is a cry for help and should be listened to carefully. A team of psychiatrists should be sent to Maryland as this is a call for help that cannot be ignored. Maryland has a Republican Governor? Oh, yeah.

The Republicans picked up two Governors which is fine but the more important news is they held Florida and Kasich in Ohio won by a big margin. This is important for 2016 because it puts those states and their political infrastructure in the Republican column which could determine the outcome of the election. Ask George W Bush if it’s helpful to have a Republican Secretary of State?

It would have been nice to pick up Pennsylvania but that did not happen.

In Texas, Greg Abbott put a pretty good beat down on Abortion Barbie. If anyone thinks Texas is going to trend toward the Democrats any time soon check CVS which is running a special on lobotomies. Old fashioned West Texas barbed wire enema for Abortion Barbie.

Illinois — the President’s home state and America’s Argentina — elected a Republican governor. That’s got to hurt.

Big losers

The President was the big loser last night. Surprise, surprise, surprise. When you strip out the no information, low information voters (often called Obama supporters), the President’s policies are not very popular or effective. His administration is incompetent. He personally is a liar. It was a bad night for the President.

Does he care? The simple answer is NO. He is going to go forward with immigration executive orders which will devastate law enforcement and crush the economy. Our fragile economy cannot absorb 12-20,000,000 low skill, low wage workers unless we are committed to a continuing degradation of middle class income levels.

Who gets a raise when the marketplace is flooded with cheap labor? NOBODY!

Harry Reid should just resign and go back to Nevada, the land of prostitution, gambling and unhealthy buffets. They deserve each other. The most irrelevant man in America who carried President Obama’s water and never got a sip. A truly evil man.

Charlie Crist of the perpetual tan who was a Democrat turned Republican turned Independent turned Democrat ended his political career. Very classy, Charlie. Well not really.

Scott Brown was unable to overcome the spectre of being a carpetbagger from neighboring Massachusetts come to New Hampshire to help the folks out. Carpetbagging is a tough way to get elected to anything. It did not work for that simple reason. Jeanne Shaheen was the local girl and Scottie was the carpetbagger. That simple. Still, 15,000 votes would change the outcome.

Family political dynasties did not fare very well. In Arkansas, Senator Pryor was beaten like a red headed step child with a lisp even though President Blue Dress and his bride campaigned there for him. P Bush won his first race in Texas —- ahhh, isn’t that cute? Just what we need another generation of Bushes.

Big winners not on the ballot

Reince Priebus who got the Republicans to focus on candidate quality (no wizards, witches this time around), technology and turnout. He pushed good candidates, hand picked candidates — look at Gardner in Colorado who defeated Senator Uterus and brought Colorado back into the “sane” column.

The ground game — the Republicans found one and made it work. Finally!

The Koch Brothers who are incredible philanthropists when they’re not trying to buy the best government they can afford. Awww, they’re just a couple lovable rolly polly billionaires not like that prick George Soros. [Watch it, Big Red Car, your prejudices are showing!]

Ed Gillespie who will be elected Virginia Governor if there is anything left when Terry McAuliffe gets done looting the place. [Actually, Big Red Car, Eddie was ON the freakin’ ballot.]


Republicans, do not snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Do not fuck this up.

This is not a conclusion, a destination. It is an opportunity, a new beginning.

Govern. Govern wisely. Govern smart.

Oh, yeah, I almost forgot. The reason the Republicans won? They’re all racists and misogynists. Right?

But, hey, what the Hell do I really know anyway? I’m just a Big Red Car. Today, folks, be nice to a Democrat friend. Buy them a drink.




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    The election results are not very difficult to understand or evaluate. The President’s press conference this afternoon will be the first shot of the impending war. Or course, he is a Nobel Peace Prize laureate so I expect it to be very civil, you?


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