Election Day is Tomorrow — VOTE

Big Red Car here. Brrrrrr, it’s cold here in the ATX. No it isn’t, it’s 60F with a high of 88F forecast for this afternoon. So tomorrow is Election Day across this great country of ours. Time for you, friend, to exercise the most precious right that men have died to provide you for over 200 years.

The President recently said this election is a referendum on his policies — perhaps one of the stupidest tactical utterances in the history of American electoral politics because his policies are not very popular.

Let’s take a second to catalog those policies and see which ones will motivate you to vote Democrat tomorrow.

Foreign policy

Foreign policy is and has been for some time a disaster. We have the Arab Spring which has grown from a gentle breeze to a tornado of threatening proportions. The entire Middle East is aflame.

Take a look at Libya, Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Afghanistan, Israel, Ukraine, Crimea, Russia — need more or is that enough for you? It is for a Big Red Car.

In every instance we have a feckless and unfocused foreign policy which was supposed to be cured by the “likable” personality of one Barack Hussein Obama — who grew up in a Muslim country and therefore could guide us through the treachery of the Middle East — which was supposed to overcome these challenges. Instead, the United States is on the worst global footing since before World War II.

Want more of that? Vote Democrat tomorrow.

[I didn’t mention ISIS on purpose because I thought that might invoke the “mercy rule.]

Energy policy

American energy policy has tethered the nation to gunboat oil politics in the Middle East. We would not care a whit about that part of the world were it not for our failed energy policy.

Remember the Keystone XL pipeline? Remember how it was built and created jobs and contributed to our energy independence? Well, neither does anyone else because the Obama administration blocked it. The President continues to block it.

Look at Texas — undergoing a shale and fracking oil boom — which is creating more jobs than the rest of the country combined as compared to say, California. Not a fair comparison because quite a bit of California and Californians are now living in Texas. Fair play to you on that one. Nonetheless, a sound energy policy will generate jobs, reduce our national security risk profile and free us from our dangerous dependency on the Middle East.

We become energy independent and the fact that Iran sits astride the Straits of Hormuz becomes a game show question and nothing more.

Want more of this failed policy? Vote Democrat tomorrow.


Our economy is undergoing the most anemic recovery in our history. It may, in fact, not really be recovering. If you’re one of the 20,000,000 unemployed or underemployed Americans, you’re not too high on that bit of hope and change, are you?

We have created an entire new generation of dependents and dependencies — welfare, food stamps, disability, unemployment, subsidized housing — which dwarf the Americans who are actually in the work force and paying taxes. In spite of this, the Federal government has enjoyed RECORD Federal tax receipts and still cannot make meaningful progress to reducing the deficit and balancing our budget.

Only in an Obama led country could a person be considered a dangerous radical if they were to suggest that balancing the Federal budget is a laudable objective.

By the way, I’v e been looking for something called “entitlement reform” which was supposed to happen on the heels of the Obama tax increase but for some reason it is MIA. Have you seen any entitlement reform? Me neither.

If you are happy with the anemic labor force participation rate — lowest since 1978, a really great year — then vote Democrat tomorrow.


The Obama administration and our President are devoid of any semblance of integrity. It is very sad and pathetic really. The President is an acknowledged liar. You may start with the lies underpinning the passage of Obamacare — you can keep your doctor, your can keep your insurance policy, your premiums will come down $2,500 per year — and you may end with Benghazi, the IRS, Fast & Furious and a myriad of others.

If you are happy with a President who lies to you and sends out his minions to lie to you, then vote Democrat tomorrow.

Tomorrow when you wake up take a minute to reflect as to whether you are an idiot, an uniformed voter, a low information voter or are prepared to give the President what he has asked for — a referendum on his policies. He has said his policies are in the voting booth with you. Please render a decision on those policies. If you want more of the same, then vote Democrat.

If however you are a thinking person and are not content to see America ruined by dishonesty and incompetence, then seek an alternative. Find that alternative in that voting booth and send the President a personal message. “Your policies stink and I want a change.” Feel free to word the message any way you want.

If you decide not to vote then go get a clown mask and wear it all day because you, my friend, are a clown and not worthy to live in our democracy. Please vote tomorrow and please do not be a clown.

But, hey, what the Hell do I really know anyway? I’m just a Big Red Car but if I could vote, if I could vote I would not be giving the President anything to smile about y’all. Vote.


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    The Big Red Car cannot vote but you, friend, can. Please exercise that right that men have died to provide to you. Do not be a non-voter, a low information voter, a no information voter or a clown.

    Vote and read about it here.


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