The Price of Dissent in a Socialist Paradise

Big Red Car here. Nice day in the ATX and why not?

So the Big Red Car is reading the international news as disseminated by those Reuters folks and comes on an interesting article.

Seems that the Premier of North Korea, Kim Jong Bozo, has executed his Vice Premier for “showing discontent with the policies of the country’s leader.”

Wow, Big Red Car — for what? Dissent!

Yes, dear reader, that’s right.

Vice Premier Choe Yong Gon was executed for “showing discontent with the policies of the country’s bat shit crazy Premier, Kim Jong Un (Bozo).”

Here is the article for you to read

Choe had, apparently, “expressed disagreement” with the exalted leader’s forestry policies.

Who knew the North Korean Premier took such an interest in forestry and was so touchy? Apparently Choe didn’t. Did you?

Which brings us to the Big Picture — these guys have nuclear weapons. We let them have them because we had misplaced our cojones or we had lent them to Canada. Don’t remember which but the bottom line is we let these freakin’ lunatics develop a nuclear weapon. WTF is wrong with us?

Guys who execute their own leadership over a Smokey the Bear kind of thing cannot be trusted with nuclear weapons. Can they?

Look at this meat head. Is that a little Donald Trump hair going there?

No, sayeth the Big Red Car, they cannot.

So, the teaching point is this — if you are a North Korean do not criticize Bozo about his forestry policies — very touchy subject.

And if you are the world, be careful what kind of bat shit crazy socialists you let have nuclear weapons.

Just saying. Dissent is a good thing.

[Thinking, holy shit! It is good I live in America where they have that flirtation with freedom of speech and that Constitution. Cause I disagree with a lot of policies of our exalted ruler. I could get executed just like the NK Vice Premier. Holy shit, sayeth the Big Red Car. Holy shit!]

Now, back to your regular programming and brain washing.

But, hey, what the Hell do I really know anyway? I’m just a Big Red Car. Be good to yourself. It’s been a hard week. Drink some hard apple cider.  Buy Smokey the Bear a drink. 



One thought on “The Price of Dissent in a Socialist Paradise

  1. Yes, it’s not so easy to get those North Korean names correct. IIRC it was Kim Dung Dong Ill or “Little Dung”. I was more sure about the ill part.

    Then there’s their rocket, The Great Rocket of the People, the Kim Dung Dong Long Song Pong Ill, or “Long Dong”. I may not have all the names just right.

    What a difference a little political philosophy makes: A little south of the People’s Perfect Paradise of our Great Patriotic Leader Little Dung is Samsung which just announced

    a solid state disk (SSD) drive in the 2.5″ size with 16 trillion bytes (terabytes) of space. If I understand the details, they get this density by stacking the storage units vertically 48 units high.

    “At the Flash Memory Summit, as reported by, Samsung showed off a server with 48 of these new SSDs, with a total storage capacity of 768 terabytes and performance rated at 2,000,000 IOPS (input/output operations per second).”

    Two billion operations a second! That’s got to be some data rate!

    I like it: Part of my server farm architecture is some fast storage, say, SSD drives, that write, say, once a week but read thousands of times a second. Writing an SSD causes it to wear out, but writing only once a week the thing should last decades.

    My back of the envelope rough estimate was that 150 terabytes would be enough to serve the world. Okay, that’s just 10 of these Samsung puppies! More of that estimate was that I’d need a server farm with floor space area of just 20,000 square feet, but with progress like this Samsung SSD (and there’s more such) that area is falling fast!

    Then for reading thousands of times a second, the 2 billion IPOPs look good! My back of the envelope arithmetic says that reading 45 times a second should yield $1 million a month in revenue.

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