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Big Red Car here. Hope all is well with you, dear reader. OK, we are talking Made in America today, y’all, and why not?

One of the promises that Candidate Trump made was he wanted to protect the jobs of Americans and toward that end, he suggested that public projects should use goods made in America.

In particular, he mentioned the Keystone XL Pipeline and its use of foreign steel pipe.

To jog your memory, the Keystone XL Pipeline project was disapproved by the Obama administration in 2015 after seven years of hand wringing.

It was approved and the permit issued in late March, less than two months after President Trump took office. Promise made; promise kept.

Keystone XL Pipeline and Made in America

The Keystone XL Pipeline will only be using “some” American pipe as the pipe was already purchased by the project’s builder. Then, the builder was able to find other uses for some of the pipe and some of the pipe will, in fact, be American.

It was a good idea, but the reality got away before it could be implemented completely.

Texas and Made in America

Texas does not wait on the rest of the country to act. It leads.

Texas has a bill before its Legislature (which only meets every other year for 140 days and not a day more) to mandate the purchase of American produced material for all publicly funded projects.

House Bill 2780 is an Act requiring the purchase of American manufactured materials for all publicly funded projects. That red stuff back there is one of those “hyperlinks” so you can see the bill yourself.

Parting Shots

Buying American is a way to ensure that jobs are kept in the United States and public funds serve the public.  It makes sense and it is common sense, an uncommon commodity in DC lately.

BTW, did you know the Keystone XL Pipeline, in addition to flowing almost 1,000,000 barrels of oil into the US from Canada (energy independence, y’all, which will wean us from the bloody Middle East) will also create 43,000 construction jobs?

This project was delayed for a decade by the Democrats — bad for jobs, bad America, bad for energy. Ten freakin’ years!

Trump keystone

President Donald J Trump delivering the Keystone XL Pipeline project permit to the builders. Notice former Governor Rick Perry, Secretary of Energy, with the red tie. Anybody have a dark suit? PROMISE MADE, PROMISE KEPT.

But, hey, what the Hell do I really know anyway? I’m just a Big Red Car. Be good to yourself. It’s Tuesday and we haven’t been rocketed or gassed yet. Can you imagine what that must be like?cropped-LTFD-illust_300.png


2 thoughts on “Texas — Made In America

  1. > This project was delayed for a decade by the Democrats — bad for jobs, bad America, bad for energy. Ten freakin’ years!

    But, but, but, but, Obama was saving the environment, the pure, precious, pristine, delicate, sensitive, 100% all-natural environment! Yes, Obama told us that electricity rates would “necessarily skyrocket”:


    Then, sure, we’d need massive subsidies, etc. for electric power from wind and solar, that is, when the wind is blowing and when the sun is shining and the weather clear. Then we would be kind to the delicate environment (right, some deniers mention some dangers to birds and bats).

    So, it’s all about the environment, protecting the precious environment! For more, it’s all about evil, sinful humans, it’s an axiom that humans are always evil and sinful, and their transgressions against Mother Nature.

    Then, as in the trilogy, there must be sacrifices for retribution. Only with severe sacrifices can humans go through retribution and achieve redemption!

    So, send your money now, all your useless, worthless, sinful money, as fast as possible.

    The pain will be good for you. Yes, you will have to forego medical care, college, a house instead of an efficiency apartment, put up with a high crime, poor neighborhood instead of a pretty suburb, have no savings for retirement, etc., and to deniers it will look like Obama has been shooting US energy supplies in the gut and sabotaging the US economy, US national security, and the US more generally, but redemption, the US will be achieving redemption, as in the unheated house in the winter when the hot water heating pipes freeze and after the thaw flood the house. But with the dead birds and bats, no college, broken heating pipes, no medical care, etc., we will achieve Obama’s redemption!

    Uh, pay no attention to that evil man behind the screen spreading scurrilous rumors about subsidies to the Green Blob, e.g., $5 billion to Elon Musk


    Aren’t you glad Obama was being so good to the US?

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