Term Limits — Senator John McCain Exhibit #1

Term limits? Big Red Car, term limits?

Big Red Car here in the great ATX on a cloudy day. But it is Texas and On Earth Like It Is In Texas, no?

So, the Big Red Car is an advocate of term limits and the poster child for it is Senator John McCain.

Let me elaborate.

Senator McCain, the facts

Senator John McCain (Ariz-Republican) is 80 years old and has already been a Senator for 30 years.

[BTW, he is not the oldest Senator, that distinction belongs to Dianne Feinstein at 83; or, the longest serving Senator, a distinction which belongs to Patrick Leahy — headed to 48 years of service. I picked him because he is ostensibly a Republican.]


So what, I’m 80 and I want to serve until I’m 92. You got a problem with that, Big Red Car?

Just re-elected, he will have served 36 years when he finishes this term.

He recently stated he intends to seek re-election when this term ends, thereby seeking to serve a total of 42 years and serving until he is 92 years old.

When is enough enough, Big Red Car?

The Big Red Car supports term limits as a way to break the control of the elites on our political system.

The Constitution contemplated citizen-politicians not professional politicians.

Senator John McCain is a professional politician and will never relinquish his control and power. Ever.

Term limits proposal, Big Red Car?

How about we limit Senators to two terms of six years each?

How about we limit Representatives to four terms of two years each?

The President is limited to two terms, no?

OK, let’s make this happen.

But, hey, what the Hell do I really know anyway? I’m just a Big Red Car and I’ve been around for half a century but I never served seven terms in the Senate. Be good to yourself but let’s get some damn term limits, shall we?cropped-LTFD-illust_300.png


9 thoughts on “Term Limits — Senator John McCain Exhibit #1

  1. Let’s stop complaining and start acting about what we know is a common sense solution. Since House and Senate will never impose term limits on themselves (they’re called “elections”, Mitch McConnell once quipped), we’ve got one other course: Article V of the Constitution. Read it, digest it, ACT on it. And save the “runaway convention” talk for less sophisticated threads, please — Article V is the only way term limits will ever happen. But it can happen!

  2. John does look relatively good for 80!

    Ah, now think of the unexploited business opportunity!

    Here’s the sales pitch:

    Enjoy the proven life extending properties of six wonderful years in the Hanoi Hilton! Jaw broken with rifle butt no extra charge! No “crazies” admitted!

    Maybe have Frank Luntz praise the Hanoi Hilton as the Home of War Heroes!

    Ivanka, listen up here: Call it the Trump Hanoi International Rest and Spa!

  3. I am sick of “career politicians”. They run for a local office, state legislature, maybe governor-or House. Then set their sites on the Senate….Term limits would have stopped Illinois from becoming Madiganistan. Incumbents have a huge advantage. Gerrymandering in the House districts have created a situation where it’s impossible to get change. No change means NO COMPETITION. America was built upon the notion of competition and creative destruction. We don’t have a dictator-nor do we have a monarchy. Time to do the same thing in the House and Senate.

  4. Though I value older people and their wisdom, the system does not need lifers. But maybe I’m a bit biased as I’ve been hoping Feinstein would go away — for decades now. And she never will, nor will McCain. Maybe 80 and hit the highway should be the motto? Re: your last post — I liked the visual of the big, strong, old, country club, white men sitting on the generous couches! Fairly certain that’s illegal in CA. At the very least a law suit would be filed for racism.

    Happy Thanksgiving you old white guy…or car…whatever you are!

  5. Hear, hear! Other (former) long term members of the Senate Rogues Gallery: Byrd (51yrs), Thurmond (48), Dodd (30), and drum roll for the real poster child for term limits…Teddy K (46+ years).

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