The Political Weaponization of the Central Intelligence Agency — A Fable For Our Times

The word “weaponization” is thrown around these days by both political parties, but what does it really mean?

Used by some folks it is intended to mean the use of the government, organs/departments of the government, to accomplish partisan political means.

Allow me to cite an example.

The Infamous 51 Intelligence Community Members Letter

In the lead up to the 2020 presidential election, the issue of Hunter Biden’s laptop and what it contained — driven by astonishing revelations just before the election from the NY Post about Hunter and his antics based on emails from the laptop — became a subject of media inquiry and interest and Donald Trump attempted to hang it like a pork chop around Joe Biden’s neck as he attempted to sic the lapdogs of the media on his opponent, Joe Biden. Continue reading


“I Was Just The Piano Player” Defense

The other day I watched the US Senate Judiciary Committee exercise its Constitutionally-mandated duty to oversee the Department of Justice.

The last moment of comity when AG Garland trotted up to the Senate to answer a few questions. Merrick: “Oh shit, here it comes, the damn Houck imbroglio.”

The fun chaps on the J Committee — Sen Mike Lee, Sen Josh Hawley, Sen Teddie Cruz, Sen John Cornyn, Sen John Kennedy — had Attorney General Merrick Garland over for a chat, a foot massage, and a wine spritzer. Continue reading