United Nations to Investigate United States Racism

Our President and Secretary of State announced they have invited the United Nations Council of Human Rights to investigate the status of racism, the racial landscape of our country. [Imagine the drums, the ruffles and flourishes, the lightning in the background, and the sanctimonious smiles.]

Flags - Maps, Flags, Boundaries - Research Guides at United Nations Dag  Hammarskjöld Library

My first reaction was, “Hmmm, seems a little odd. Who are these folks? Who serves on the UN Human Rights Council? What can they contribute?”

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Israel and the American Jews

Big Red Car here to talk a bit seriously about two things:

 1. The recent betrayal of Israeli interests by the United States at the United Nations Security Council; and,

 2. The propensity of American Jews to vote for Democrat candidates even when they don’t have Israel’s best interests at heart.

The intention of this chat is not to take a side but to simply point out some obvious implications.

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