Governors v POTUS Duties

The country has been treated to a civics lesson demonstrating that individual states are run by duly elected governors and not the wise men in Washington, DC.

With the advent of COVID19, governors have emerged as the leaders tasked to run their states in accordance with how this really works. Governors are elected to run their states.

This is a novel idea for the media and the general population who look to Washington, DC as the font of all power. It is a natural mistake given the nature of “news” — even fake news — coverage.

Allow me to use a small example of how this works in life real:

New York, governed by Democrat Andrew Cuomo, issued a “stay-at-home” order when there were 7,000 verified cases of COVID19.

California, governed by Democrat Gavin Newsome, issued a “stay-at-home” order when there were 675 verified cases of COVID19.

I am not grading this decision, but simply noting that two fairly situated governors pulled the trigger at two entirely different times as it related to the reality of the case load.

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