Half a Loaf

As a leader of a startup, a public company, a charity — you will find yourself dealing with the planning for, advocacy of, and implementation of change. Change is the constant.

As change is the constant, resistance to change is also a given. People do not like change in the workplace. They like to settle in, do their jobs, and become expert at what they do. They want the comfort of a known gig and a known operating model.

Change, by its very nature, creates discomfort. This discomfort gives rise to resistance. Resistance becomes an internal barrier to the success of the change.

So, what is a leader to do?

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The Increasing Rate of Change

Big Red Car here.  The ATX is shining bright and the sun is out —- eeehaww!  Well, bit of overselling on the part of the Big Red Car as there a cloud deck at about 2,000 feet.  It is, however, 62F headed to 75F and when it is this warm this early that can only be a  good thing.

Just think — if YOU lived in the ATX, you would be warm, cozy and happy.  Of course, Chicago has its own merits.  [Haha.  STFU, Big Red Car.]

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Misunderestimating the Tea Party

Big Red Car here.  Bit cool in the ATX and windy.  Today will be 70F and tomorrow, Old Sport, is going to be brutal.  Brutally cold with a low in the 20s.  Brrrrr.

So The Boss is meeting with a couple of his political cronies.  The Boss is running for election as the District Chair for his District.  As The Boss says:

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