C Level Employment Agreement — Parting Shots

Big Red Car here.  Another lovely day in the ATX.  Cool morning and hot afternoon.  Yesterday not so hot with a nice cloud cover and a bit of rain.

Today I am going to the beauty parlor — haha, a Big Red Car does not go to a beauty parlor, we go to the freakin’ car wash.  But still those lovely ladies caressing and drying my bright cherry red paint job.  Well, Old Sport, that is my own little bit of heaven.

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The C Level Employment Agreement — Termination

Big Red Car here.  The Boss is traveling and I am left with the house sitter.  Well, the house sitter has been driving the Hell out of the Big Red Car — don’t tell The Boss because he is very particular as to who gets to drive me, the Big Red Car.  Haha, joke is on you, Boss.

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“C” Level Employment Agreement — Benefits

Big Red Car here.  Cloudy day and a bit muggy.  Well, it is May and we expect a lot of our rain in the month of May culminating with flooding  on Memorial Day.  That’s the way we roll here in the ATX.

So The Boss is back on his jag about the C level employment agreement and the issue specifically of benefits.

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