Brainstorming Graphic

Big Red Car here.  Up early in hopes of getting some SXSW action today and a hard ride through the Hill Country.  A Big Red Car can dream, no?

Earlier this week, we spoke about a bit of brainstorming.  The Boss found an old graphic he had done some time ago and wanted me to share it with you.

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Brainstorming as a Problem Solving Technique

Big Red Car here.  The Boss is up in Steamboat skiing again for a couple of weeks, so I am down in Austin by my lonesome except for the SXSW home sitters.

I wonder if The Boss knows they drove me this morning.  Haha, serves you right, Boss.  They drove the Hell out of me this morning and I was happy to get the work.

So before The Boss left town I was eavesdropping on him visiting with one of his startup up CEOs about the issue of brainstorming.

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