Striking A Blow Against Women

If you are a young woman in either high school or college and are competing in sports, President Biden just struck a blow against fairness in your sport.

It will revolutionize the way that sports for women are managed and how women athletes perform.

In an executive order, the President has taken action such that “gender” may be assigned as the individual desires.

Let me strip that down for you — biological men will be competing in your sports in accordance with the desires of this administration.

From a social perspective, the notion that you may “feel” a way that is inconsistent with your end of the gene pool is not really at contest, but what is at contest here is this:

Can/should a biological man compete against biological women in competitive sports?

The Biden admin, via its executive order, says, “Yes.”

I believe that is a dangerous policy that breaks faith with science and common sense.

Biologically, man and women are different to such an extent that the outcome of a competition would be determined by these biological differences. There may also be an element of danger given the greater size and more rugged frame of biological men — not all the time, but enough that it should be a consideration.

I think this is bad policy. It is not personal; it is policy, and this one is bad.

But, hey, what the Hell do I really know anyway? I’m just a Big Red Car.