Speaking Truth To The People

We are in a maelstrom of political activity with the Democrat primary raging amongst a crowded field. Crowded fields force candidates to try to distinguish themselves from the other offerings. Great fun. Enormous entertainment.

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All perfectly normal. Last time in 2016, it was the Republicans who were spreading the manure, hurling insults while winnowing the field down to its eventual candidate.

[Note: Candidate former Governor of Florida, mega-funded, entitled, family business President, political dynasty-heir-Jeb Bush famously said, “Donald, you can’t insult your way to the White House.” Who knew?]

As the Democrat party lurches leftward there is a tendency to “barter” for voter support. As fast as individual candidates can create an identifiable subset of voters, they conduct an auction to buy their support.

College debt? Majored in poetry? “Hey, let me forgive that college debt for you? Those who paid their own way or whose parents shelled out for them? You’ll get over it.”

Black? “How about we talk reparations? Just give you money, no?”

Illegal immigrant? “Open borders, abolish ICE, pathway to citizenship, the heck with those legal applicants standing patiently in line. Plus, how about some free health care for you? Uhhh, can we get your vote?”

Climate crisis zealot? “How about we ban cars?  Get rid of airplanes, well, except for ours. How are we going to get to the Google Summit?”

Sleeping on Mom’s couch in the basement? “All you need is a little UBI — how does $1,000 per month strike you? Can I get that vote?”

Race baiters? “Talking to you, Al Sharpton, et al — please step forward and we’ll come kiss your ring or your ass. Your choice.” Hey, that thought you just had — whatever it is — that’s racist.

Veterans? “Uhhh, move along. Nothing to see here. Now, if you invaded the USA, we might have something for you, but a vet? Move along. You should have been an illegal alien.”

Gender advocate? “How many genders do you want? Fifty? Eighty? Just make me a laminated card to remember them all. Thank you.”

The candidates have begun to war amongst themselves calling others’ idea “fairy tales” and other pejorative descriptions. In the recent debater, one candidate said the unthinkable, “None of this stuff is actually going to happen.” Sacrilege?

Perfectly normal in a crowded field. In three months the field will be culled to four viable candidates, but the damage will be done. The expectations will be set. The promises will be made.

Before you Republicans start acting superior — Hell, you were just as bad. OK, maybe not as bad, but you crossed a threshold that ensured that politics was fiction.

Why is this important, Big Red Car?

Because, dear reader, it is a reflection on what politicians really think of YOU. They think you are stupid. Well, because, I suppose, you are. You have empowered this nonsense by sending these boobs money.

Politicians love to say, “I speak truth to power!”

What we need is for our political leaders to do is simple, “Speak truth to the people. Stop lying to us. Stop insulting our intelligence. Stop with the nonsense. None of this is going to happen.”

OK, that’s it. Truth to the people!

But, hey, what the Hell do I really know anyway? Can I please get a free paint job? Or some new rims?