Service, Good Service, Great Service, a Barista?

Big Red Car here.  The last few days in the ATX have been spectacular.  The temperature has been great.  The sky has that Mediterranean quality of light.

The azaleas are blooming.  On Earth as it is in Texas.

The other thing that has been blooming is great service at the local Lexus dealership.  The Boss’s wife, the Real Boss, has a Lexus SUV.  The Boss does not approve of buying foreign cars.  That apparently is not that big a concern to the Real Boss.

The Lexus gets taken to the dealership for a bit of service from time to time.  Last week it was in for a new radiator and a couple of seals.  We are talking $2,000 worth of work.  This is why The Boss does not like foreign cars but that is NOT what we are talking about today.  [The weather was so nice, The Boss didn’t even complain.  The Boss likes stuff maintained.  Good for me.  Haha, Big Red Car, get on with the damn story, please.]

So, anyway, they have a coffee bar at the Lexus dealer.  Here it is.

You can get a latte, cappuccino, a coffee and any kind of muffin or cookie you might want.  With a $2,000 repair bill you can get anything.

Still this is great service.  I think The Boss is going to start taking a few day trips to the Lexus dealership to average down the cost of those $1,000 blueberry muffins.  I heard him say he was going to start meeting with his brilliant CEO clients here.  Might have gotten that wrong.

But, hey, what the Hell do I really know anyway?  I’m just a Big Red Car.  Be kind to someone today and don’t brag on yourself.   You really are a very nice person, right?



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