President Trump’s Black Support

It is a shibboleth of liberal politics that the African American community is a monolith whose support is a bedrock element of the Democrat Party. Said another way, the Dems think they own the black vote in America. Some may criticize that the Dems take it for granted.

This is supported by the historic support of Dems by the black community — Candidate Trump received 8% of black support while Candidate Mittens received 6%.

Now, President Trump has put the black vote in America into play by going after it and asking for the order.

Already, there has been an ugly rumor of increased support for President Donald J Trump from the black community.

Many Dems have taken to ignoring these reports as unfounded, but there are three reputable reports from early December 2019 that show north of 30% black support for President Trump: Emerson College Polls, Marist Institute for Public Opinion, and Rassmussen Reports. This is NOT chopped liver.

Which brings me to the BIG QUESTION: Why would the black vote be swinging to President Trump?

Why, Big Red Car?

There are several reasons, dear reader. Let me catalog a few of them for your consideration:

 1. The impact of the Trump Economy on the black populace of the United States

There is no question that the black community in the US is benefiting from the incoming tide of the Trump Economy. This manifests itself in the historic low levels of black unemployment.

This is a specific, measurable data point.

 2. Support for black entrepreneurs

 3. Direct engagement

The President has upped his game with direct engagement in such things as the National Diversity Coalition for Trump, Black Voices for Trump, and the Young Black Leadership Summit.

This direct engagement is based on the simple question: “What do you have to lose?”

 4. Support for Historically Black Colleges and Universities

The FUTURE Act (Fostering Undergraduate Talent by Unlocking Resources for Education Act) provides $255MM annually for HBCU for each of the next ten years.

President Trump signed and supported this legislation.

 5. The First Step Act

The White House championed and the President signed an important piece of legislation that has been unsuccessfully sought for more than 25 years in the form of the First Step Act that rationalizes crack v cocaine sentencing while paroling or releasing many minority criminals who had received substantial sentences for marijuana related drug crimes.

 6. Opportunity Zones Legislation

The 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act signed by President Trump provided for aggressive community investment in disadvantaged, low income areas based on tax deference.

 7. The Bully Pulpit

One of the most powerful messaging initiatives is simply the power of the bully pulpit to challenge the historic voting pattern of the African American community.

The Trump bully pulpit is doing what the Dems have done forever — go directly into the black churches in America.

 8. Surging approval

In an odd, but logical, way, as President Trump’s general approval rate — currently at 49% — increases, black approval (a proxy for support) comes along for the ride.

These approval numbers are superior to President Obama’s at the same time in his tenure.

 9. Lack of success of black politicians in Dem primary

Black Senators Kamala Harris and Cory Booker achieved zero traction in the Dem primary while the front runners are all old, male, and white.

If it is to be Bernie v Biden, then the black community is likely to ask why didn’t Kamala and Cory get any traction?

What is black America getting for their unvarnished support of the Dem plantation? Again, “What do you have to lose that has already not been taken from you?”

Big deal, Big Red Car, so what?

So what, dear reader? Consider the following:

John McCain received a 4% level of support from the black community.

Mitt Romney took that number to 6%.

President Trump garnered 8% approval.

If current polls showing north of 30% support for President Trump are correct, this is a huge change. Do the things we cataloged above underpin this change? Time will tell.

But, hey, what the Hell do I really know anyway? I’m just a Big Red Car.