President Trump v The Generals — WHY?

Comes now the Generals complaining of President Trump, their Commander-in-Chief. Their complaints stem from some basic realities:

 1. When President Obama had the reins and was promoting socially-woke, petri-dish, social-engineering Generals focused on getting women through Ranger School (whose records all disappeared) and transgender battalions, he and they opined that it would take a decade to “attrit” the bums known as ISIS even though they were the Junior Varsity.

Then this draft-dodging, bone-spurious, military-high-school-grad President Trump changed the rules of engagement (ROE), sent some Marine artillery units to Iraq, demanded that bombers sortie forth with primary, secondary, and tertiary targets — do not return with bombs — and, voila, in less than two years ISIS was no longer a viable force.

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 2. To add insult to injury, President Trump dispatched the Caliph thereby really putting the kabosh on the Caliphate.

 3. President Trump asked the Generals, “Look, fellas, you’ve been in Afghanistan for twenty fucking years — do you have a strategy that gets us anywhere near the winner’s circle?”

Unable to come up with a winning strategy after two decades, President Trump said, “Enough! This is America’s longest war, ever — we’re getting out.”

The Generals felt betrayed, but still hadn’t come up with a winning strategy though they had a numerical advantage, controlled the skies, had unlimited fire power, enjoyed enormous advantages in weapons/communications/movement, and were fighting a 19th century, lightly armed, foot bound infantry that wintered over in Pakistan.

 4. One General, Sec of Defense no less, had a falling out because President Trump said, “We are not having any real influence in Syria. Let’s get our guys out of the line of fire in a war we are not going to impact and one we really don’t want to fight.”

This whining General, in a fit of dudgeon followed by pique, said it would all result in a bloodbath — so, he tendered his resignation and wrote a book.

Turned out no bloodbath ensued. American pulled out, casualties ceased, and the world went on.

 5. President Trump decided to whack the Iranian leader of the Quds, a terror force. The Generals cautioned it would cause a widened theater of hostilities. President Trump said, “Take him out.”

Nothing much happened except for the decapitation of the Iranian terror machine. Bingo!

In general, the problem with President Trump and the Generals? He has been right and they have been wrong.

Sorry. It must really be galling when a NY Military Academy grad is right about military things when a War College grad is wrong. Must really piss a General off. Generals.

Would y’all like some cheese with that whine?

mad Dog