Plan Your Escape — how safe are you?

Big Red Car here.  Still raining in Austin which puts me in a gloomy mood.

Talk about gloom, look at this.  The Boss got his hands on this map which contains some really gloomy information.

This is the likely nuclear attack target list based upon a 500 warhead and a 2,000 warhead raid.

These maps used to be highly classified once upon a time.  This one was readily available on the internet if you know where to look.  The Boss knows where to look.

Are you targeted?  Where are you going to flee to?

How does this make you feel?

But, hey, what the Hell do I know anyway?  I’m just a Big Red Car.

Be kind to yourself, you deserve it.

14 thoughts on “Plan Your Escape — how safe are you?

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      Beautiful and sunny today. Crisp.

      We have to focus on the fact that the Russians are attempting to regain their past glory as the USSR. Now it is just Russia. They are very dangerous.

      The Russians recently resumed flights along our coasts and Alaska.

      The Russians were able to get a boomer into the Gulf of Mexico undetected. That is 20 missiles with likely 8 MIRV warheads per missile. That is 160 American cities under the shadow of nuclear destruction. Very short travel time given they were in the Gulf.

      There is something afoot and our government is totally distracted.

      • As crazy as it sounds, I hope you are wrong.

        But I understand your concerns.

        The Russians are distracted feeding Gerard Depardieu, their new citizen. That guy is huge now. I don’t know what he’s eating.

  1. In 1979 Ronald Reagan visited the NORAD command base under Cheyenne Mountain where he was first introduced to the extensive tracking and detection systems extending throughout the world and into space. However, he was struck by their comments that while they could track the attack down to the individual targets, there was nothing one could do to stop it. Reagan felt that in the event of an attack this would place the president in a terrible position between immediate counterattack or attempting to absorb the attack and maintain an upper hand in the post-attack era. In the fall of 1979, at Reagan’s request, Lieutenant General Daniel O. Graham conceived a concept he called the High Frontier, an idea of strategic defense using ground- and space-based weapons theoretically possible because of emerging technologies. It was designed to replace the doctrine of Mutual Assured Destruction, a doctrine that Reagan and his aides described as a suicide pact.

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      Oh, the things I could tell you about some of that.

      Like much of what Reagan thought about and did, the technology has now finally caught up with him.

      We have the technology to protect ourselves. Our only deficit is our national leadership.

      Did you see the test that the Brits ran yesterday? Took out drones with a ground mounted laser beam from more than a mile away.

  2. Any ideas why there are 3 big areas targeted (in case of a >2000 warheads scenario) in Montana, North Dakota and border area between Wyoming/Colorado/Nebraska? I am just being curious!

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      The Big Red Car believes that the hunting license administration in Maine may slack off just a smidge in the event of a nuclear attack and therefore you may be able to pass on the license.

      The Boss is headed out to sea. He thinks going to Mexico via the Gulf may be the short term play.

      Stopping in Tulum at the end of the journey.

      • Mexico will be tough to reach from Boston…travel on the northeast corridor looks like it would be ‘challenging’

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