On the Brink of War — Ukraine

The same morons who masterminded the disastrous withdrawal of US personnel and forces from Afghanistan after the US trained and equipped 350,000 man Afghan National Army was routed by 30,000 Taliban are getting ready to involve the United States in another tinderbox potential shooting war situation.

Three masked men discussing the future of Ukraine. “General Milley, have you figured out that whole white rage thing? Is our Army up to speed on its pronouns?”

Given the performance of the Biden White House, the Departments of State and Defense, and the US military — this should end well, right?

Cause these guys are sharp and really know what they are doing, right?

Let’s review the bidding, shall we?

 1. Today, the US begins to draw down its embassy and consulate personnel across the country of Ukraine in anticipation of an impending attack by Russia with a modern army capable of destroying cities, something unknown since World War II.

There is nothing that instills confidence in an ally like sending your soft targets home. BTW, the Brits are doing the same thing.

 2. President Biden, a gracious man, in a recent press conference publicly invited Russia and the Thug Putin to help themselves to a “little incursion” into Ukraine.


“Thanks, Joe. Don’t mind if I do.”

Ukraine objected to the US bartering its sovereignty in this matter and asked if Hunter Biden — top flight Ukraine consultant who knows the country — could intervene on their behalf with his Dad.

When a belligerent nation has 150,000 hostile troops camped on another nation’s sovereign border it is never a good policy to invite that belligerent nation to undertake a “little incursion.”

The Biden admin is notoriously confused on the whole issue of sovereign borders having dismantled the US southern border. That’s working well, right?

 3. The Biden admin and NATO have threatened Russia with double secret probation and some unknown scheme of “sanctions” if they undertake a “large incursion,” but, apparently, a little incursion is going to be peachy.

The Russians in 2014 “annexed” Crimea, part of Ukraine like Texas is part of the United States, in a clever ruse using masked Russian troops without military insignia.

[Historical point of order: Review the whole Neville Chamberlain v Hitler 1938 annexation of the Sudetenland  from Czechoslovakia “peace for our times” and how that worked out. Hint: World War II. Eerily reminiscent.]

Russia then conducted a bogus “status referendum” run by them — they inartfully announced the results the day BEFORE the actual vote — in which the end game was that Crimea became the Russian Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol became a “federal city.”

The US and NATO made clucking noises, sent a condolence note to Ukraine, spoke ugly of Thug Putin, and trotted out some sanctions. Eight years later, Crimea is still the Russian Republic of Crimea and Thug Putin is still the leader of Russia.

The Russians and the Thug Putin do not give a rat’s ass about sanctions. Did not then. Do not now.

 4. In fact, the Russians were so impacted they invaded the southeast corner of Ukraine in a similar bogus “separatist” revolutionary manner that has cost more than 14,000 lives already — more than US losses in more than 20 years of  Middle East and Afghan adventurism.

News flash — Russia and Ukraine are currently at war already. 

 5. President Biden has publicly threatened Thug Putin, but The Thug harkens to the Afghanistan jug fuck and smiles knowingly.

We are not currently led by a man who can deploy the American military might in a credible or effective manner, but rest assured we are diverse, vaccinated, and everybody knows their pronouns. And, we have women Rangers. 

 5. President Biden has mumbled about sending 3-5,000 troops to Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania.

There is nothing that will bring Russia and Thug Putin to heel like sending troops to little ill-advised NATO countries that are almost a thousand miles away.

Why is this happening, Big Red Car?

Thug Putin objects of NATO and the United States that NATO is marching eastward and encroaching on the sovereignty of Russia after the breakup of the United Soviet Socialist Republic.

Thug Putin has called this breakup the largest disaster in the history of Russia. He wants to rebuild the old USSR and has already brought Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Crimea back into the fold. Ukraine is just the next domino.

Actually, Thug Putin’s long term aim is to push the US out of Europe completely — same game plan as the Middle East and why Russia is hip deep in Syria — and to neuter NATO whilst rebuilding the glorious USSR and getting a statue of his dainty little self in Red Square.

Thug Putin’s statue pose?

How did the United States get involved?

Ahhh, great question, dear reader, because as everybody knows the US has no national strategic interest in the fate of the Ukraine. It is a rotten, corrupt country whose only tie to the US is the involvement of that famous American diplomat Hunter Biden.

“Hunter Biden, board member for hire, accomplished painter, private equity scumbag, and Ukraine diplomatic raconteur at your service. How can I help you and what’s in it for me?”

 1. During the breakup of the USSR, the Russkis woke up one day and realized that a huge number of their ICBMs were located in Ukraine. They wanted them back.

 2. Ukraine did not want to return them because they thought they could work a blackmail deal and because they were worried that Russia (after repatriating its ICBMs) might aim their ICBMs back at Ukraine. Bad form.

 3. Chap named Bill Clinton made nice on the potentially warring parties and convinced Ukraine to return the Russian missiles to the Russians in return for which the US executed some bullshit “sleep well” agreement that promised some vague help if the Russians ever threatened Ukraine.

It was not a treaty, not approved by the Senate which under the Constitution is supposed to approve treaties; it was a bullshit, sleight of the hand, three card monte scam of the likes one would expect from Bill Clinton.

“I did not barter away the sovereignty of that country, Ukraine.”

 4. Clearly nobody in NATO wants to go to war over Ukraine because, guess what? Ukraine is not a NATO member nation and cannot invoke Article V of the Atlantic Charter that says, “an attack on one — even a little incursion — is an attack on all and we will respond enmasse. No kidding.”

 5. Having attacked with tanks in Georgia and been sanctioned, having seized Crimea, having started a “little war” already in Ukraine, watching the debacle in Afghanistan, and sizing up the American POTUS and leadership, Thug Putin has decided, “If not now, when? If not me, who?”

Bottom line it, Big Red Car

Fine, I know you have a busy week ahead dumping your Bitcoin position. So, here it is:

 1. No US national strategic interest in Ukraine;

 2. Wrong war, wrong place, wrong time;

 3. No credible plan for NATO or US action;

 4. Germany is doing business with the Russians in Nordstream I/II natural gas supply lines and doesn’t want Thug Putin to turn off the gas tap in the middle of a cold winter and is refusing to send any support to Ukraine which sort of neuters the whole NATO response scam;

 5. Thug Putin is blowing on the dice, warming them, likes his chances, and is fuck all not concerned about sanctions or double secret probation;

 6. Thug Putin knows the US will not commit troops, will not use air power to wipe out his armored columns and is likely not capable in any event; and,

 7. So here we are in the midst of a Neville Chamberlain Czech Sudetenland World War III scenario playing out in front of our eyes whilst the US is led by a failed President in the midst of a failed presidency.

Do I have it wrong?

Have a great Monday because, Hell, what do I really know anyway? I’m just a Big Red Car. God help us all.

“Afghanistan? Ukraine? WTF is this Big Red Car character talking about and what the Hell is wrong with a ‘little incursion?’ Maybe I should call Hunter. He knows Ukraine, right?”