Naughty v Nice?

Big Red Car here.  Starting to cool off a bit here in the ATX.  Santa is getting ready to hit the road and make his way to the ATX.

Santa needs some help.  Who’s been naughty, Big Red Car?  Who’s been nice, Big Red Car?


President Obama has been naughty.  Big Red Car almost feels sorry for the old sod.  He’s just an enormous liar.  Biggest liar in the history of the Presidency?

If you like you health car plan, you can keep your health care plan.  PERIOD.  [Naughty, Mr President.  Very, very naughty.]

If you like you doctor, you can keep your doctor.  PERIOD  [Uhh, Mr President, naught.  Very naughty.]

OBAMAcare will reduce your family insurance premiums by $2,500 on average annually.  [Mr President!  Naughty, naughty, naughty.]

OBAMAcare will reduce the deficit.  [Naughty, naughty, naughty, naughty.]

OBAMAcare will bend the healthcare cost curve downward.  [You know what that is, Old Sport.  Right, naughty!]

The OBAMAcare website will work when launched.  [OMG, Mr President, you really blew it on that one.  Naughty, naughty, naughty.]

Susan Rice, President Obama’s current National Security Adviser, is naughty.  The old girl tried to lie and tell us that the murder of Ambassador Stevens was the work of some pissed off movie critics trolling the neighborhood with mortars, RPGs, crew served automatic weapons and AK-47s.  Naughty, naughty, naughty.

General David Petreaus has been naughty risking an illustrious military career and being the Chief Spook at the CIA for a bit of ankle.  Naughty, Davie.  Very naughty.

Former newsman Martin Bashir for suggesting that someone should defecate in Sarah Palin’s mouth.  Martin was very, very naughty.  I just hope that he never runs into Todd Palin.  Todd is likely to open a can of vintage Whoop Ass on Marty.

Congressman Paul Ryan for implementing legislation to reduce military pensions.  Very naughty, Paul.  I hope you do not get re-elected in 2014.  You are not only naughty, you are a traitor.

Flesh eating bacteria — are we going to have to explain this one to you?  Naughty.

The National Park Service for closing down the World War II Memorial to some guys who stormed the beaches in Normandy.  WTF were you thinking?  These guys came  ashore under fire and you thought you could keep them out with yellow tape and barricades?

Piers Morgan — are we damn sure this guy is in the country legally?  Somebody doublecheck it.  Idiot.


Jet Blue which allows veterans to board first on Veterans Day.  Jet Blue is very nice.

USAA Insurance company which promised to extend interest free loans to its members who were active duty military and who got caught in the sequester.  Very nice, USAA.

Mother Nature who provided a lot of fresh powder in Colorado allowing all the ski resorts to open right after Thanksgiving.  Very nice, Mothah Nature.

Kate Upton for being, well, Kate Upton.  Very nice, Katie.  Very nice indeed.

Princess Kate for bearing a royal heir and not naming him “Burger”.  [Get it, Burger King.  Hahaha, STFU, Big Red Car.  Only you think that is funny.  Sheesh!]  George Alexander Louis of Cambridge, what a nice name.

The community for being the most dignified and intelligent salon on the Web.  Comity.  Very nice.

Pope Benedict — for showing how faith and humility in the service of God and man can be done with class.  Very nicely played, Pope Benedict.  Very nice.

George W Bush for his reserve in not criticizing the sitting President.  What a classy guy.  I can finally see why Laura married the guy.  Very nice.

Auburn cornerback Chris Davis runs back field goal try for a touchdown defeating no. 1 Alabama and raining on Nick Sabon’s parade.  Nice.  Very nice.

Too close to call

Edward Snowden is caught between treason and having provided a very valuable service as it relates to the NSA’s conduct in listening in on, well, everything.  [Big Red Car has to say in defense of the NSA that when The Boss’s laptop hard drive recently crashed they were very gracious in lending him a backup copy.  So go figure.]

Google Glass — hey, where are my glasses, ya’ll?  The jury is still out on you, Google.

Facebook, yeah, Facebook.  Comes to the party looking a bit overcooked and overpromoted.  Drops like a lead balloon and then has the last laugh at it trades above its IPO range.  Hmmmm.

Dunk City — if you have to ask, you don’t need to know.  Where are you, Dunk City?

But, hey, what the Hell do I really know anyway?  I’m just a Big Red Car.










18 thoughts on “Naughty v Nice?

  1. I tried to read this when it was first posted but my phone would not open it after several attempts — kept going to a reddit sign in.

    Disqus sent an email teaser and I wanted to see how Rohan got on the naughty list! Rohan?

    Happy New Year, JLM! You are a wonder.

    Oh, and you too, BRC.

    • .
      Happy New Year to your and yours.

      Keep an eye on Rohan, he had a tendency to be naughty. Not my view, saw it on Santa’s list.

      I think it has something to do with bitcoin.


        • .
          Haha, the NSA business is one of the oddest and funniest things of 2013.

          First, that America was surprised that a bunch of guys with 1MM SF of Cray computers was NOT listening to everything or that big companies were not cooperating fully with them.

          I hate to think how many GET OUT OF JAIL cards were distributed in return for such cooperation.

          While American tech was marveling at the declining cost of storage, the NSA was buying it all up. Replacing individual 1T drives with 3T drives all bought at Best Buy?

          I think we will continue to be surprised as to how far afield the NSA has already wandered. This is not a Pres Obama problem but has been going on for years and years.


          • For sure.
            Just like GPS and satellite imagery. When we first knew about them, and were then given commercial access to these, it was an incredible leap. But you knew the gov’t had way higher resolution versions. Such is the case with three Intel community and it’s tech portfolio.

          • .
            In the advance of technology, one has to always remember that the US gov’t spares no cost when it finds a promising technology.

            Sometimes we forget that the gov’t invented the Internet (well, Al Gore, of course) and then we marvel that they are so damn good/evil at using technology.

            The intel community is either the best or the worst as they have almost no adult supervision because their plans, leadership, budget is all SECRET.


  2. As a perfectly healthy person my whole life, I’m thrilled to have my health insurance deductible go from 2700 up to 4500. Also trilling is that the premium was only 26 bucks away from doubling. After all, it would be bad if it doubled, right? Oh, and it’s just plain peachy that after my deductible is reached they now slap me with a 40% coinsurance.

    Why Americans are not rising up to this thief is beyond me… We have all been fleeced.

    • .
      Your voice, your authentic voice, from the front lines is what will eventually get the sheep to start moving. It will take some time but it will happen.

      What is unanswered in this entire mess is this — where is all this money going?

      Nobody seems to be able to get the numbers right.

      One thing for sure is that OBAMAcare is chock filled with new taxes and fees.

      You cannot possibly lower costs by increasing premiums and broadening the insured base.

      Just wait until folks start to get letters from the IRS — you remember the IRS guys who are going to be the OBAMAcare enforcers, right?

      This may be the Second American Revolution before it’s all over.

      Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and stay healthy.


      • Here’s a front line story for you. My premium is the same, my deductibles are lower and I now have prescription coverage and at least a couple included Dr visits per year. Family of four, bought insurance for my small business for the last 12 years and premiums during that time went from $400 to $1,200 a month. My son is on a $600 a month prescription that I was paying out of pocket. Love Obamacare! Feels like I’m finally getting a return on my premiums.

    • .
      Lemonade is so obviously nice as to not even require being so noted.

      Lemonade is not only a damn good drink but it is the launching pad for more entrepreneurs than any other. The freakin’ Lemonade Stand, ya’ll.

      Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all those who voluntarily agree to live in cold weather in places like Chicago.

      We’ve reserved a place for you and yours and greased the palms of the Border Patrol. Come on down. 63F today by noon. Sunny and warm.


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      If you resort to self promotion, then you go on the naughty list. Sorry.

      A Learning A Day — naughty.

      Merry Christmas, Rohan. 2014 is going to be your year, friend.


      • Hahaha. Nothing like being a bit of end-of-year mischief!

        Merry Christmas back, JLM! Your 2014 wish came at a time when I needed that. I certainly hope so. Wishing you a wonderful year too!

        • .
          Prediction — Rohan and new wife will be deliriously happy in 2014, they will open kiosks in shopping malls to share it.

          Be well and be alert. 2014 is YOUR year.


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