Waging Grown Up War v ISIS — Can We Do It?

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What kind of war should we be waging against ISIS? — somebody asked the Big Red Car.

We should be waging a grown up war where we combat ISIS in every element of their existence that is necessary for them to live and breathe.

Read this article and understand that the United States has intimate knowledge of from whence ISIS wages its social media war and, yet, has done next to nothing — other than to complain to American social media companies to deny ISIS access to these outlets, a fair and appropriate request — to destroy these sites. Physical sites. Buildings with electricity and Internet connections and computers churning out filth. Look at the link below.

United States knows where ISIS is running their social media campaign from! Wow!

Before we go all negative on the administration, let’s acknowledge that ISIS is sticking these facilities in locations, in Iraq, Syria, and Libya, where they know the US will be concerned about civilian casualties. This says something about the kind of war that ISIS is waging.

This concern, civilian casualties, is a legitimate concern but not an overriding one. We should be taking these places out with pinpoint accurate laser guided munitions, cruise missiles, or raids. Doing nothing is not the right answer.

Big Red Car, what do you mean by “grown up war”?

Grown up war means that we should be tearing apart all of the critical elements necessary for ISIS to live.

A military force, such as ISIS, must have a leadership element to plan and direct its operations.


The leadership must have places to work, sleep, eat, meet.


The leadership must have the capability to communicate with their subordinate units


The forces of ISIS must be able to make up their battlefield losses with replacements.


Are you getting the picture?

Make ISIS into a leaderless band of broke leg, blind, deaf, mutes and then whip them like a rented mule.

Industrial war college

Much of what is outlined above, falls under the category of waging industrial war. The United States has a school called the Dwight D. Eisenhower School for National Security and Resource Strategy. It used to be called the Industrial War College or the Industrial College of the Armed Forces.

It came about because of the American effort to procure warfighting materiel and force mobilization challenges in World War II.

The US was the “arsenal of democracy” for the Allies and protected by the Pacific and Atlantic oceans, the US produced an incredible amount of “stuff.”

As an example, the US was capable of producing less than a couple of thousand aircraft annually in 1939 and by the end of the war had produced 300,000 aircraft with some 39,000 going to the Brits and 15,000 going to the Russians and 6,000 going to other allies fighting primarily the Japs.

We not only produced enough for ourselves but enough for our allies.

This was an industrial strategy.

World War II was won as much in the machine shops and factories of America as it was won on foreign battlefields.

The converse of this is also true. The allies attempted to destroy the industrial capabilities of the Axis powers.

An industrial strategy to destroy ISIS

The war on ISIS needs a purely industrial component to be integrated with the tip of the bayonet to destroy the ability of ISIS to eat and breathe.

This is the other side of the mirror of the American ability to wage total — grown up — industrial war.

Let me clue you into a little secret.

Remember when we were talking about bombing Iran’s nuclear enrichment program?

The smart money was on destroying the power plants that made the centrifuges turn. Don’t bother to hit the facilities in the belly of the mountain — destroy the power plants up on the surface which are generating the power to make those centrifuges work. That is a derivative of an “industrial” warfare strategy.

Come on, Big Red Car, it can’t be that easy! Can it?

Dear reader, it can be that easy. Let me give you some specific examples.

1. Decapitate the leadership and make it very unattractive to take a job as an ISIS leader.

2. Follow all of their communications home and destroy the keyboards and the fingers on the keyboards. Knock out their Internet connections, their routers, their social media accounts. Make being an ISIS geek a very bad career move.

3. Destroy the fuel supply that runs their vehicles.

4. Knock out water, power, sewer, gas, Internet service, cable TV, and transportation that supports their operations wherever it is found.

5. Force ISIS to make up battlefield losses on the run and then destroy their capabilities to recruit, train, deploy, and command the replacements.

6. Eliminate their ability to replace ammunition and to deliver replacement weapons.

Conduct a grown up war on these shitheads.

What’s the secret sauce here, Big Red Car?

The secret sauce is threefold, dear reader.

1. We must have thoughtful leaders who are ready to declare this is a real war. Stop pussyfooting around playing games. Buy some vowels. Rent some cojones. Stop worrying about word games and make war. Grown up war.

2. We must commit to a grown up war.

3. We need solid, actionable intel and we have to use it.

It does us no good to know where the ISIS social media geeks are hanging out if we don’t get down there and spank those skinny leg jeans wearing nerds to death. We have to act on the intel and do it brutally and quickly and with a bit of fanfare. The message should be easy — “You touch a keyboard to the benefit of ISIS, we kill you.”

Destroy the Cyber Calphate!

But, hey, what the Hell do I really know anyway? I’m just a Big Red Car. Be good to yourself today because there’s a lot of evil loose in the world and the world is counting on you to do your part. 





3 thoughts on “Waging Grown Up War v ISIS — Can We Do It?

  1. To make any use of the Internet to use e-mail or social media, ISIS must have access to the Internet backbone. While in principle the Internet backbone and access to it can be wireless, I have to believe that so far it is all via wires or cables in the ground but maybe supplemented via some point to point microwave links. So, the ISIS areas must have cables that cross their borders with Syria, Turkey, the rest of Iraq, Jordan, the Mediterranean, anywhere else? That backbone technology is super tricky, high tech stuff, border gateway protocol with optical fibers with dense wavelength division multiplexing, etc. Just making a cable splice is not easy. We’re not talking just wire cutters and soldering irons. Okay, then, cut those cables.

    Of course, there should be an easier way: For any Internet connections outside the ISIS area that cross the boundary with the ISIS area, just block the communications that crosses the border from outside the ISIS area. This should require only software, e.g., the DNS tables. E.g., block their IP addresses.

    Similarly for the international voice phone system.

    Then also destroy the Internet and voice phone system connections within the ISIS areas.

    Sure, and similarly for paper mail and physical shipping. And, of course, whatever they have for an electric power grid.

    Then, sure, destroy their internal supplies of fuel for their vehicles. They can’t burn crude oil in their Toyota trucks and stolen US Humvees so must import gasoline and/or Diesel oil or must refine it inside the ISIS area. For the imports, cut that off at the ISIS borders, and for any refineries, bomb those.

    More generally for their vehicles, put up some drones to track all their vehicle movement and destroy any moving vehicles.

    Getting rid of that Baghdadi dirt bag alone might do a lot to slow down ISIS.

    But there is a bigger problem: So far ISIS has had a lot of success in other heavily Islamic countries, e.g., Libya, and there are claims that ISIS has connections with similar groups in dozens of other countries. E.g., as we now know too well, ISIS has significant connections inside the US and France.

    Well, for that ISIS weed, there has to be fertile soil, and somehow that appears to be various cases of Islam, and there the problem appears to be that Islam has a pattern of keeping their culture 1000 years old. E.g., there is Imam training that takes children, schools them for years with all the schooling just Islam and nothing more modern. So, the Islamic areas have Islam as their main culture, and that culture is carried heavily by the Imams who know 1000 year old Islam and essentially nothing else. That situation, Islam and the Imams, is fertile ground for something like ISIS, i.e., radical Islamic terrorism (RIT).

    So, do what we will with ISIS in Libya, Syria, and Iraq, RIT will remain a threat wherever Islam is in the world, in the Philippines, Indonesia (e.g.,, Bali bombing), Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, Iran, Iraq, the states of the Persian Gulf, Turkey, Russia (Moscow bombing), China, the Balkans, France (Paris bombing), Germany, England, Sweden, the US (WTC, San Bernardino), etc.

    For now, likely the top of the target list has to be that wacko Baghdadi. With him gone, maybe the rest of the ISIS areas of Syria and Iraq will become just Sunni Muslims much like under Saddam or in Saudi Arabia.

    Then it would be good to have a chat with some of the Shiite Muslims in Baghdad about not pissing on the Sunnis.

    Then maybe the Saudis with the US, France, Germany, England, Turkey, Russia, and Baghdad can have a productive meeting about reality with whatever leadership is left in the ISIS areas.

    During these meetings, for security it might be good to have occasional flyovers of US fighter jets, at low altitude, supersonic, with full afterburner, just to provide appropriate sound effects to set the tone of the meeting. Or, as a US General said entering a Sunni area, IIRC, “I come in peace. I brought no artillery. But I swear to God, if you fuck with me, I’ll kill all of you.”. That’s about the attitude that is needed.

    We have to be fully serious and determined: The ISIS areas can’t use the Internet, the phones, the mail, shipping, burn gasoline or Diesel oil, have any electric power, import or export anything, have access to anything in banking or trade, etc. unless and until they calm down and behave. E.g., in their desert areas, they won’t have electric power for pumping water, filtering water, flushing toilets, cooking, electric lights, or running air conditioning. They won’t have vehicles, not even bicycles. Soon they won’t have buildings but only tents. They will be down to flocks and camels and then will start losing those.

    But the US will do nothing along these lines before 2017. Sorry ’bout that. So, let France, Germany, England, Turkey, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Baghdad do it — which is somewhat bad and risky in some respects but not all bad. E.g., Russia might get influence and an advantage in the ISIS areas, but they will likely soon discover that their strategic position is high cost, low payoff. After all, as people have noticed, except for the oil, and Russia has a lot of that anyway, it’s many thousands of square miles of just lifeless desert, so nasty it makes Siberia look like a garden of Eden..

    Then the US and the world will still have to be careful about all the RIT Abdul Akbar al Fatwah ali Jihad bin Boom Boom people who tend to explode. Gotta do something about them. Here no doubt the Saudis can help — they actually have not much sympathy with things going boom boom.

    • .
      The logic of what you say is unassailable. It is frustrating that the admin doesn’t get this as it is basic “industrial warfare” thinking which is what Secretaries and Generals are supposed to do.

      Funny thing — I was in a Toyota dealership looking for a new car for my wife. I said, “Why does ISIS use Toyota?”

      Genuinely, the salesman said, “Because Toyotas are dependable in harsh environments.”

      True story.


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