Lazy Republicans

Big Red Car here on a cloudy Texas day. Still, it is Texas and that’s alright. What is not alright is lazy Republicans.

So, the Republicans are in charge of the House and the Senate and are going to be taking 22 days off in the month of April.

And, the Big Red Car sayeth, “You are some lazy bums, Republicans. You are really only going to pretend to work for 8 of 30 days and are going to take 22 days off?”

While I am taking issue with the lazy Republicans, would you indulge me with a couple of other rants? Thank you.

Rant On About Lazy Republicans

OK, here it goes.

 1. Hey, Paul Ryan, you’re the guy in charge of the House. You’re the Speaker of the House.

You had half a decade to figure out what to REPLACE Obamacare with and you came up with … bupkis?

Paul Ryan

OK, I may have to go back to the Witless Protection look. I really screwed up the repeal and replacement of Obamacare. What was I thinking?

Bupkis translates as “goat droppings” with a distinctive shape. You may translate it however you so desire.

 2. Hey, Paul Ryan, you had more than a hundred days to fashion a piece of legislation after you knew President Trump won — even with all the “budget resolution”, three tranche, inside baseball baloney and it came as a surprise that the Freedom Caucus wasn’t on board? [Pro tip: Check with your own caucus first. OK, that’s better.]

Hello, America, Paul, babe — that was your job. We gave you one stinking job — to fashion a clean repeal and replacement of Obamacare — and you were surprised the Freedom Caucus wasn’t genuflecting and kissing your ring?

A week out, you tell the President you “have the votes” and the day of the vote you come to the White House and say, “Uhhh, maybe not. Maybe not, Mr. President.

Poorly played, Paulie. Very poorly played.

 3. Hey, Paul Ryan, this shit is on you not the President. You suck at your job.

 4. Sure, I get it — Easter. I get it. Is Easter a Federal holiday? Do y’all get 22 days off for Easter? No, the answer is NO.

Get your lazy asses back to work.

Is the rest of the country taking a 22 day Easter break? Let me help y’all — NO!

 5. OK, Mitch McConnell, you delivered the goods by getting Justice Neal Gorsuch confirmed. Good on you. You can take Monday off, but not 22 days.

Gorsuch McConnell

Thanks, Mitch.

Get your lazy ass back to work and tell your Senate colleagues that Easter is not a 22 day holiday.

Nonetheless, nice job on Justice Gorsuch. President Trump, killer nomination. Well played.


So, Chuck Schumer, how did that barbed enema feel? Plenty more where that come from, pal. I told you “The Senate will confirm Justice Neil Gorsuch on Friday.” Have a great weekend, Chuck.

 6. Will you fucking Republicans stop criticizing President Trump for following through on his campaign promises?

He ran on them. He told you what they were. He won on them. He is delivering on them and you snowflakes act like you just discovered them.

 7. Hey, Lindsay Graham and John McCain [term limits justifier, no?] — the President of the United States is in charge of foreign policy. Not you two boobs.

He has a Secretary of State — solid guy, by the way — and the President doesn’t need you loose cannons lurching about. If you have something to say, say it directly to the President and stop grandstanding.

Lindsay, you lost.

John, retire.

 8. Will you guys please get together and pass some tax reform. Hasn’t been reformed in more than 30 years. Saddle up and get it done.

Check with President Trump and research what he promised to do.

Rant Off About Lazy Republicans

So, dear reader, there you have it, but what the Hell do I really know anyway? I’m just a Big Red Car. Palm Sunday today, Easter next Sunday. Be good to yourself and reflect upon these times and have some good one while you’re at it.

April 27, 2007 085

Big Red Car and his pal, Bevo. Hanging at the University Co-op. Sure, it’s a fake Bevo. So what?


4 thoughts on “Lazy Republicans

  1. Little John

    For McCain: Don’t be too hard on him: Sure, he came close, but he didn’t actually sink that aircraft carrier.

    Some good news about John is that he actually did some good things in the Hanoi Hilton. Some bad news is that his Hanoi Hilton work was most of his best work.

    Outside of that Hilton work, the things John attempts tend to get, call it, shot down. E.g., he lost, actually lost, to whom? A Chicago community organizer with strong ties to communist, bomb throwing radicals, a guy who shouts “God DAMN America”, among other less than presentable characters, who so far, still, on nearly everything has voted abstain? You lost, John. And the loss was a much bigger harm to the US than actually sinking an aircraft carrier. You blew it, John, blew it big time.

    It does seem that Little John, maybe I’m not the first to call him that, never wants to pass up an opportunity to throw a lot of US time, effort, blood, and treasure into yet another absurd, foolish, ill-conceived, hopeless foreign adventure.

    Maybe Trump’s 59 cruise missiles were a good effort to slow the world’s use of poison gas and to slap down dirt bags who use poison gas; I’m willing to accept Trump’s judgment on that.

    Of course, I am hoping to see cruise missiles or some such against al Baghdadi, maybe at Raqqa, etc. soon as in the campaign promise “bomb the shit out of ISIS”. And, of course, Trump has requested a plan to defeat ISIS from Mattis and the brass, and maybe there is one, and maybe it is being executed but so far out of the headlines.

    But when McCain liked the 59 cruise missiles and wanted much more I became a little concerned — that Little John likes some use of military force is not good praise of the decision to use the force.

    But John did one thing well: Married a nice woman wealthy from a major beer fortune! Poor woman — she should have done better.

    Playmate Chucky

    Chucky Schumer: I used to have some respect for Chucky, one of my Senators, but no more: Since Trump was elected, apparently Chucky has seen nothing to do but gripe. He doesn’t have anything at all significant to gripe about, but, still, gripes. He gripes about total nonsense, maybe something out of a bad LSD trip.

    Yes, it sounds like maybe Mitch gave Chucky a barbed wire enema, but somehow I suspect that Chucky knew his griping was dumber than peeing in his pants and, still, has been getting what he actually wanted:

    So, Chucky got a lot of time with the girls! What girls? Sure, lets make a list and see: There’s Nasty Nancy, the San Francisco Treat, Elizabeth Pocahontas OCD Warren, a bitter insult to the real Pocahontas, Diane Living Constitution to Bend to and fro Day by Day in Ways Congress Would Never Support to Help the Little People Feinstein, Maxine Impeachment All the Time Waters, Hillary Lying, Crooked, for Sale, Queen of Benghazi, Client of Putin Clinton, etc.

    So, Chucky saw that he didn’t have anything useful to do so just played with the girls.

    Gads, Chucky, clean and raise your glasses and, finally, actually take a clear look at those playmates: No man would want any of those in the bed, the bedroom, over for dinner, over for a movie, or even the house, not for the cooking, not even for the cleaning, not even the toilets!

    Chucky, they’re nasty, strident, scowling, angry, frustrated, anxiety-ridden, lost, confused, ill-informed, misinformed disasters; maybe they each need the 2 gallon size of Lydia E. Pinkham’s! They’re not exactly Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition material or Fox Babes! They are not Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham, or Dr. Monica Crowley!

    Come ON Chucky: You are from NY. You’ve known The Donald for decades. Learn from The Donald! “What would The Donald do?” Consider examples from The Donald: Ivana, Marla, Ivanka, Tiffany, Melania. Chucky, are you learning yet? Wash and raise your glasses, Chucky!

    Chucky, for more on Monica (yup, there’s a lot to like on the Internet), uh, Dr. Crowley, there’s

    Chucky, since it’s clear you are a slow learner, here’s Ainsley Earhardt

    When she did her video coverage of Spring Break she seemed really upset at some of the fun in the sun, beach blanket bingo, bubbly beer, touchy, steamy hanky-panky; she seems like a total sweetheart Southern Belle!

    Chucky, maybe no such babe would see you as measuring up?

    Paul of the North Woods

    Let’s see:

    We believe that on the health care reform, Paul failed. He neglected to build support. He didn’t listen to the people, Trump, health care reform experts, the House, or the Senate. He pushed a clearly hopeless plan, a plan he HAD to know was hopeless, drawn up largely in secret. He failed to do his arithmetic of vote counting. What he told Trump about the chances of passage was either incompetent or lying. He didn’t lead or manage. He looked weak and ineffectual. He looked like a doofus.

    So, we conclude that Ryan is a doofus?

    Well, I agree that he is a doofus, but not directly because of what he did as just listed.

    Instead, IMHO, no way did Ryan in his own eyes fail. Instead, a little like Chucky playing with the girls, Ryan actually got what he really wanted.

    What Ryan really wanted:

    (1) Embarrass Trump. As has long been easy enough to see, Ryan really hates Trump. In particular, having the plan fail was part of what Ryan wanted.

    (2) There is part of the GOPe where Ryan sees himself and really wants to fit in. As for POTUS candidates McCain and Romney, that part of the GOP is a loser at election time, twice even to our hopeless, feckless, worse than useless Chicago community organizer, but enough of the GOPe has enough money to keep going after losing and without changing. They’d rather stay with their views and lose than get real and constructive and win. And Ryan is right there with them.

    (3) Ryan has some buddies, some GOPe Sugar Daddy buddies, with deep pockets, and more money than brains. Ryan sucks up to them, and they like their number one boy Ryan.

    The sugar goes to a Ryan PAC; the PAC helps elect Republican House members; those House members help elect Ryan as Speaker; as Speaker Ryan gets to earn the sugar.

    So, on the health care reform, Ryan proposed a bill the Sugar Daddies would like, well, like in their unrealistic fantasies.

    So, on health care reform, Ryan earned his sugar.

    THAT’S why Ryan is a doofus — he’d rather act like a total tool, fool, doofus, earn his sugar, and get votes to be Speaker, along with kicking dirt in Trump’s face, than do anything constructive for the US. Did I mention doofus?

    But Trump is still POTUS and, therefore, enormously powerful. Trump gave Ryan a chance, a lot of rope to hang himself. It was pretty clear that Ryan would hang himself, and he did. So, now Ryan is off the Trump Train, out of the game, and off the Trump Team. Ryan was able to do that doofus stuff once but, now, with Trump, never again. And after 2018, Ryan may be gone.

    So, Ryan “lazy”? Well, he worked hard enough to get what he wanted, please his Sugar Daddies and dump on Trump. But he was intellectually lazy to be so thoughtless that he would take that doofus path. Remember: Ryan, as VPOTUS candidate, had some good lessons in being a doofus from a champion GOPe loser, Romney.

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