Jobs Vigor

I continue to be awed by the power of the jobs machine that is America today.

Look at this graph:

JOLTS Overview

Note the following:

 1. The number of job openings has skyrocketed since Donald J Trump was inaugurated. Look at it!

When President Obama handed the keys to President Trump, the number of job openings was declining and had been declining for six months. Now look at it.

I do not point this out to pick a fight with President Obama, but to accentuate what a change in governing philosophy can do to the American job market.

 2. Look at the continuing rate of hires. It is continuing and has since the end of the recession.

 3. Look at the number of people who are quitting their current jobs which signals they are moving to better jobs. This is a very important bit of data — the economy is so strong that people with jobs are quitting for better jobs.

 4. All of this is taking place in an environment of flat layoffs and discharges.

This info comes from — my favorite source of great graphs and discussion.

Be aware of how good things are in the USA. Now, you are.

But, hey, what the Hell do I really know anyway? I’m just a Big Red Car. Happy weekend, Valentines!