Earmarks — Good God, Again?

I am a policy guy. Tell me your policy and I will tell you whether I like it and think it is good for the country. That is my only political yard stick.

I care not whether you are in favor of or opposed to Dr Seuss, but I do want to know whether you support having a border or making the US an uninterrupted continuum that starts in Central America and continues to Montana (or the North Pole). That is policy.

Which brings me to the issue of EARMARKS.

Not this. This is a cattle earmark. Funding earmarks.

What is an earmark, Big Red Car?

An earmark is a bit of chump change hidden in a funding bill of some type directed by a single or a handful of House Representatives or Senators to benefit a specific, singular cause they support. You might call them payoffs or slush funds or project funding.

They have been around since 1789, but were banned by the Republicans in 2011 in a fleeting moment of fiscal adulthood, but now that the Dems are in charge of both the House and Senate they are back in fashion again.

As as nation, we have no fiscal restraint or discipline — we just pretended to spend $1,900,000,000,000 on “COVID relief” when in reality less than 9% was actually focused on COVID. It was a gargantuan, sloppy, face-deep-in-the-slop-trough pig fest.

Nobody read it. They all just voted for it.

It’s just the evil Dems, right, Big Red Car?

Ahhh, dear reader, as I noted I really only care about the policy. I care not a whit about the party, but let’s get this out in the open: the fakir Republicans just voted to reinstitute earmarks.

Of course, they did it via a SECRET BALLOT. This is the faux “fiscally responsible” Republicans. Cowards.

SECRET BALLOT cause they didn’t want to be held accountable. 

How does it work, Big Red Car?

Very simply, it is an auction.

“Will you support my earmark for the Tennessee goat farmers annual gala?”

“Yes, of course. Will you support my college roommate’s company getting the contract to supply pistachios to all the embassies in the world?”

“Only too happy too, my good friend.”

Bottom line it, Big Red Car

The Swamp is alive, well, and now they have earmarks again. Do not let the Republicans pretend they are not part of this Original Sin.

Secret ballot. Earmarks. Total baloney!

But, hey, what the Hell do I really know anyway? Be well.