Creeps — Misogyny in Tech

Big Red Car, a manly but gentlemanly 1966 Impala Supersport convertible, talking creeps and misogyny in tech.

So, if you’ve been paying attention to what’s going on in the tech space — 90% male dominated tech space — you’ve seen a raft of stories about men behaving badly.  Creeps.

These guys are creeps. These guys are not gentlemen. These guys are giving all guys a bad name.

They are venture capitalists and other breeds of invertebrates who control pots of OPM (other people’s money) who think the funding process requires a woman to flirt or to have sex with them.

“How is this possible, Big Red Car?” you ask.

Let me ‘splain it to y’all. Pay attention.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Here is one of the guys — Dave McClure — who has admitted — and apologized — that he was and is such a creepy chap. Doesn’t he look creepy?


So, this is one of the guys who hits on women when they are seeking a job or funding for a venture. This guy. This creepy, bald, ugly guy who couldn’t get laid in a Tijuana whorehouse — this unmanly, creepy guy.

You get it, right? Let’s bottom line it, shall we. He’s as homely as homemade sin and he couldn’t get a woman’s attention without slapping her with his checkbook, which is even more insulting as he’s investing OPM (other people’s money).

The guy was the honcho of something called 500 Startups and is now in charge of the supply room.

That’s all you need to know about him, but what about the women involved?

Simple — don’t tolerate it. Speak out. Speak up. Get evidence. Sue these creeps. Slap the snot out of them and tell your big brothers. If you don’t have a big brother, rent a Navy SEAL or an Army Ranger to play the role.

This stops now. “Ugly guy VCs, this shit is over.”

Thanks. I needed that. Sorry. Sorry to all gentlemen who are not creepy and sorry to all women who have had to endure this nonsense.

By the way, today I am announcing a new startup called: “Rent A SEAL or a” Hey, it could work.

But, hey, what the Hell do I really know anyway? I’m just a manly Big Red Car. Be good to yourselves. Happy 4th of July! Is this a great country or what?cropped-LTFD-illust_300.png

8 thoughts on “Creeps — Misogyny in Tech

  1. Happy 4th to you BRC and to the gang here as well…

    The line of not being able to get laid in a Tijuana whorehouse, superb.

    As you would say “well played”.

  2. VERY nice.

    Just what is it about the VC business that attracts the dumbest fools in the room, building, city, country?

      • The usual figures on average ROI from AVC and Kaufman look weak.

        The US NSF, NIH, DARPA, Air Force Cambridge, NRL, ONR, Army Durham, staffs of peer-reviewed journals, research university Ph.D. committees can evaluate research just on paper and do so with high accuracy. For the US DoD, from the Manhattan Project to the SR-71, Keyhole (like Hubble but aimed at earth instead of space and before Hubble), GPS, and stealth to the present, Hubble, Chandra, WMAP, and much more, projects that look good on paper commonly get done as planned by Lockheed, etc.

        Bell Labs knew why they needed a transistor, put three bright guys on it, and presto, bingo, after WWII they got a transistor. They knew, had known, what the heck it was worth and gave it to the world. Had they had a royalty of a penny a transistor, then by now they would own the world and everything in it. They knew that.

        Flatly, absolutely, positively, VCs can’t and flatly will not, Not, NOT, NOT, apparently under threat of instant, total evisceration by their LPs, EVER evaluate a project on paper. It appears that they couldn’t accurately evaluate a project for a lemonade stand. So, they don’t. That severely clips the top of any RoI they might want.

        For the Manhattan Project the VCs would have said: “Interesting. You build and test the first one and get the second one ready, and for 1/3rd we’ll chip in for the gasoline for the Enola Gay.” Their best hope would be that the Manhattan Project was ready to fly the Enola Gay but just went broke and was ready to sell 1/3rd of the whole project for gasoline for one plane — vulture capital. It doesn’t make much money.

        Dumbest people in the room, building, city, country, planet.

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