China v Hong Kong Red Line

China and Hong Kong, Big Red Car? Huh?

Big Red Car here, but not a big Red Chinese car. Haha. OK, so Hong Kong swore in a new Chief Executive, Carrie Lam.

President Xi Jinping made the trip to deliver his congratulations and a stern warning — RED LINE warning.

What was that all about?

Let the Big Red Car ‘splain it to y’all.

Hong Kong, give me some history, Big Red Car?

OK, dear reader, as you well know Hong Kong is really the Hong Kong Special Administrative District of the People’s Republic of China. Across the straits is Macau and China — Guangdong province to the north.

Hong Kong became a chip in the great game in 1842 at the end of the First Opium War. It became a British Crown Colony. This was sorted out by the Nanking Treaty. This relationship continued until 1997 except for a period of time when the Japs captured Hong Kong in 1941-5. The Japs committed horrific atrocities with the Brits returning to retake control after the war.

After the Red Chinese took control of China, Hong Kong was the subject of much to-ing and fro-ing culminating in the 1984 Sino-British Declaration which mandated the return of Hong Kong to China in 1997.

Nobody thought it was ever going to happen, but it did.

On 1 July 1997, Hong Kong became a Special Administrative Region with its economy under local control.

This was the start of the “One China, Two Systems” ideology.

Since then, Hong Kong has been a pain in the butt for the Red Chinese what with the HK thirst for independence.

Hong Kong Today

Today, Hong Kong has its own legislature and elects its own Chief Executive. It is still fomenting trouble and badgering the mainland Chinese for more autonomy.

The Reds provide their military defense and oversee the foreign affairs of Hong Kong, while Hong Kong does its own thing including being the 13th largest economy in the world, having its own currency (the HK dollar), being a member a World Trade Organization member, and being noted as the freest and most competitive economic environment in the world.

Every year there is a freedom parade which irritates the Reds because they have no intention of freeing Hong Kong.

President Xi Jinping’s visit

So, this brings us to the RED LINE as sketched out by the Big Red himself, President Xi Jinping.

He went to Hong Kong for the inauguration of the new, woman Chief Executive and said, “Listen up, y’all. I’m OK with the ‘One China, Two Systems’ thing, but if y’all keep up this agitating for freedom, that will cross a RED LINE and there will be consequences and I don’t mean y’all are going to bed without an egg roll. No, there will be BIG consequences.”

So, why is this important, Big Red Car?

It’s important for several reasons:

 1. China has a lot of outlying territory problems: North Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and those fortified islands they’re always building.

In many ways, they are linked and nobody should expect the Chinese to suddenly become enlightened.

 2. President Xi is not the fun guy he seemed to be when he and President Donald J Trump were hanging out at Mar-a-Lago.

No, he’s a fierce Red Chinese Communist dictator who was in Hong Kong to knock heads.

 3. The Chinese are not guys who belong to the Rotary; they are Communists. Communists, like the Castro brothers in Cuba, are vicious, bad guys.

 4. Hong Kong is becoming more and more democratic and the Chinese can’t figure out how to deal with it. Clearly, the message was, “This can get ugly if y’all don’t toe the line.”

 5. This explains to a certain extent why the Chinese have not been helpful with North Korea.

They don’t want a democracy on their door step, nor do they want an American inspired faux aircraft carrier taking up residence just down the road from Manchuria.

So, the Big Red Car sayeth, “Keep your eye on China. They are pissed off at Hong Kong, Taiwan, North Korea, and aren’t budging on their islands — the new fortified ones astride the shipping lanes in Asia.”

Thought you should know about this before the war with North Korea starts. <<< See what the Big Red Car did there?

But, hey, what the Hell do I really know anyway? I’m just a Big Red Car. Be good to yourself and Happy Fourth of July! Is this a great country or what?Copy of Jeff Minch June 1 2007 060





6 thoughts on “China v Hong Kong Red Line

  1. I have thought for a long time that China is gearing up to go against us. I think that in a few years they will make a more forceful stance regarding Taiwan, the South Sea and other areas. The recent articles detailing the build up of their navy is one example. I don’t think they want war, but they are preparing to push a hard line and dare the United States or anyone else to challenge them. And the funny thing is they are enhancing their capabilities from all the profits from the items they sell us. We built their economy starting in the 80s when so many businesses moved over there. We have created the monster that will be a thorn in our side.

    • .
      We have to remember that China intervened in the Korean War. They have already taken us on one time. The guys running the joint at the Politburo level remember this. Not President Xi, but the Politburo guys.

      They are going to fiercely protect their mainland sanctuary.

      They are serious about Hong Kong and Taiwan.

      They do not want an American aircraft carrier docked against Manchuria — meaning they don’t want S Korea to absorb N Korea and have a border up on the Yalu River — which is why they don’t want to decapitate Kim il Bozo.

      We felt the same way for a long time about Cuba.

      They do not have a very good navy, but the Taiwan Strait is now a short hop for an amphibious landing or rocket fire. Their air force is high on themselves, which I think is a huge error. Nonetheless, they are high on themselves.

      They have never projected force over the horizon militarily, but they are now quite comfortable with projecting economic force over the horizon into S America, Central America, and Africa.

      They hate Japan and would nuke them in a second.

      One has to know that the S China Sea islands are a huge victory for their expansionist views. After promising everyone they had no military intentions, they have big runways, radar, and rockets. They can put airplanes on those runways in six hours.

      Yes, China is getting its jock on for some exercise.


  2. “horrific atrocities” — right, that’s a big fraction of what I hear from Asia. Also Africa and the Arabs in the Mideast and more. I recall Schwarzkopf’s remarks on the horrific atrocities that the Iraqis inflicted on the Kuwaitis and his remark that he thought that they were not part of the same human race as the rest of us.

    In the world, in some pairs of time and place there have been peace, and in others there have been horrific conflicts.

    Net, I don’t understand all these conflicts. E.g., just why are so many Never Trumpers, NYT-MSM propagandists, Maxine Waters, Elizabeth Warren, Nancy Pelosi, Hollywood actresses screaming such ugly nonsense about Trump? They seem to want an extra-legal revolution, close to a shooting civil war, that might become a shooting civil war, to dump Trump, dump the SCOTUS, dump the Constitution, and start Kumbaya Land with their hero Hildabeast. That would be the most massive extraction of miserable defeat from the jaws of magnificent victory in the history of the solar system, but they want it more than air or water.

    Why the conflict? I don’t know.

    Apparently near the end of Gulf War I, a guess was that, if the Iraqi Republican Guard were destroyed, then maybe Saddam would be driven from power and Iraq would be better, or liked better, by the US. Huh? Without Saddam to put his Stalinist boot on all the malcontents set on revolution, the place would become a civil war of Shiites, Sunnis, Kurds, with factions of those, with connections with war in Syria, with connections with war with Iran, with connections with some of the other Gulf states, with severe concerns of Turkey, with only one thing they could all agree on — kill all the Jews. Oops, then kill all the Americans. Then for the Shiites, kill everyone else. For the Sunnis, kill everyone else. And here we don’t have to guess because after we dumped Saddam in Gulf War II and spent about $3 T to make the place a shining city on a hill, that is just what happened and is still happening. Uh, where can we apply to bring Saddam back?

    There is enough oil money in Iraq for the people there to live lives of milk and honey, working all of about an hour a day, but instead they want to fight over nothing.

    Some millions of people were killed in WWI, and the ending was so bad that it left a seed for WWII. And why? Some alliances and some Archduke of the Holy Roman Empire? Huh???? WTF???

    Then there is Dung Dong Song Pong Ill in Ping Pong Yang. What could he possibly want that he has a chance of getting and doesn’t already have? He’s got to know he will not be permitted to be a nuclear weapons supplier to Iran and other dirt bags of the world. And for his 100 pound per person poor peasant population (notice the awful alliteration), what he should be doing is cutting deals with, say, Foxconn. Then, since he has pushed some of his brightest people to work their way through a lot of the literature on applied math, applied physics, and engineering, they could also start to do what Samsung did — start to build stuff. With the revenue, he could buy enough food to get his average weight up 5 pounds and have enough heating oil to stay warm in the winters. Nope, he’d rather walk close to the line of having a rather severe accident.

    Then there’s Xi: I don’t know what his concern is. Maybe he is afraid, as the Chinese leaders long have been, that if they relax their dictatorial controls even just a little then they will have a revolution with at least two sides fighting, maybe more, and maybe 300 million people killed. So, Xi wants a solid boot on the necks of everyone who could organize a threat to Xi. Maybe.

    Then there are Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Japan: Why do they all seem peaceful? Why don’t they rise up, start screaming and fighting? Maybe if Elizabeth Warren would visit them for a while, they would start screaming about something or other.

    Why isn’t Canada screaming? Canada always seems calm. Same for Australia and New Zealand.

    Then there’s the EU: It used to seem calm. Then some isolated Poobahs in Brussels decided that the right thing to do was to import into all of the EU every poor person they could find in the Mideast and North Africa, to let them form No Go communities, come out on holidays and rape all the women and girls, scream for more welfare, be basically unemployable, and plot to kill all the Christians and Jews. Bright Poobahs. Then England decided to cut that cord with Brexit, and now they are all screaming.

    Net, I can’t make any sense of which people and countries are screaming and shooting and which are not. So, in particular, I can’t make any sense out of Hong Kong, Xi, Taiwan, the South China Sea, Japan, the two Koreas, etc.

    For all I know, the reason Hong Kong is peaceful is that they have the best egg rolls, and everyone is sitting around happy enjoying them. Makes as much sense to me as anything else and more sense than Mika, Beth Warren, Nasty Nancy, the San Francisco treat, etc.

    • I think that your correlation of “peace” and “best egg rolls” is spot on! It sure is fun to watch the MSM continuing to melt down.

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