Bush League

Bush league? Huh?

Big Red Car here on a lovely Texas spring day. Ahhh, on Earth as it is in Texas, y’all!

So, today we talk about the Bush family.

The Bush family has given us some politicians since the first Bush, Sam Bush, came to the New World in 1647. George HW Bush was the best prepared President in history. he would have been a two term President but for that little shit, Ross Perot, who took 18% of the vote in the Bush-Clinton-Perot 1992 matchup. But, hey, you knew that, right?

They are described by historians as an American political dynasty.

As it turns out, they are also crybabies. Bush league!

Bush politicians

The Bush family has given us:

Prescott S Bush, Senator

George HW Bush, Congressman, Ambassador, Head of the CIA, Head of the RNC, Vice President, President, Navy veteran, Crybaby

George W Bush, Governor of Texas, President, Texas Air National Guard veteran, Crybaby

Jeb Bush, Governor of Florida, Crybaby

George P Bush, Land Commissioner of Texas, Not yet a Crybaby but in training?

Bush League crybabies, Big Red Car, little harsh?

The Bush clan — Poppy, the Frat Boy, and Low Energy Jeb — have publicly announced that they will be “sitting out” the 2016 Presidential election and one has to ask, WHY?

Aren’t they guys who support the “system”? Aren’t they guys who are willing to “go the distance”? Aren’t they patriots? Players? Studs?

The answer is pretty simple.

Second son, Jeb, was anointed by the GOPe as the next President. He was slimmed down, suited up, funded, powdered, advised, and sent into the fray to collect his– “aw shucks, me? really?” — key to the White House.

One Donald Trump said, “Not so fast, Mr. Low Energy. Not so fast, Jeb. I’m calling the tune here.”

"American Woman: Fashioning A National Identity" Met Gala - Arrivals

Donald Trump and date (haha, that’s not a date, that’s Melania, look at the rock on her hand) cleaned up and looking Presidential

Some may say that Jeb was caught by surprise. He, himself, says he ran into a buzz saw. Call it what you want — he got beat like a rented mule.

Jeb Bush pic

Can anyone tell me WTF just happened? Dad and George told me I had it in the bag. What happened? Tell me later, cause I have to take a nap.

What resulted was one of the greatest humiliations in American political history. Trump branded Jeb Bush. The branding stuck. Trump made him look silly at the debates. Jeb himself made it all true by polling 3% which just made Trump spin in glee like an Airedale puppy being thrown a ball.

Trump destroyed Jeb Bush. And, yes, he was a low energy candidate.

OK, so what, Big Red Car, these Bush guys are competitors, right?

No, dear reader, the Bushies are only competitors when they win. Haha. Get it.

They don’t actually want to compete against such a declasse, working class guy like Trump. That is beneath them. They like that GOPe anointment ritual because they are the GOPe. [Hell, the clan came to the US in 1647, they get longevity points, no?]

They got beat — well, Low Energy Jeb got beat and so they are taking their ball and going home to bask in the glory of electing Hillary Clinton.

Ahh, yes, this will, in fact, elect Crooked Hillary. Crooked Hillary? She love it.

Hillary winking 2

Yeah, well, this Bush squabble is unfortunate, isn’t it? Haha, thanks for the endorsement, suckers.

Make no mistake, the Bush family is so self-centered they will elect Hillary Clinton (CROOKED HILLARY), a criminal and the lowest integrity candidate in modern American political history, President before they will admit that Low Energy Jeb was not up to the task of WINNING the nomination.

The Bush family will commit treason.

And, that, dear reader, is why they are Bush League!

But, hey, I could be wrong. Maybe they are in league with the Holy Ghost? Nah, they’re going to put Hillary Clinton in the White House all because they are sore losers. Bush League!

A historical note

What is, perhaps, most galling to a Big Red Car is the history of the 2000 Presidential election wherein George W Bush was hanging on by a fingernail to a victory in Florida which would make him President rather than Alberto Gore. Remember that?

The Republican Party closed ranks around the boy and summoned his Daddy’s Secretary of State and all around bad ass, James A Baker, to slip W into the White House.

W knows what it’s like to have the party rally around him, so his betrayal is all the more poignant. [Poignant is the kind of word you use when you are afraid your wife might read the blog post and object to what you really want to say. Poignant. But you know what I really want to say, right? Chicken shit.]

But, hey, what the Hell do I really know anyway? Haha, the Big Red Car can small a crybaby a thousand miles away. Shame on you Bush League. I call into question your patriotism and your manhood.cropped-LTFD-illust_300.png

2 thoughts on “Bush League

  1. Beautiful. Well done! A total riot. Right on target.

    The Melania picture — WOW! Definitely, no question, will make the US First Lady “great again” — by a very wide margin, best in the world, first runner up, Jackie. Besides, obviously Melania’s a total sweetheart and a great wife and mother. One more thing for the US to be proud of on the Trump Train.

    Big question: Where the heck has the GOPe, Bushs, Ryan, Cruz, Kasich, the National Review crowd, McCain, and more, been getting that really strong funny stuff they have all been smoking for so long?

    We need a lot of clean up, fix up, paint up in DC. Let Don do it!

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